Communists get "inside" support in slandering the South

Friday, June 20, 2008

The one thing Neocons, multicult leftists, and communists openly agree on is their hatred of the South. No wonder, then, the re-emergence of Walter Hilderman into the sunlight is pounced upon as a rich source of ammunition against the conservative, Christian South. The latest to pounce? The Communist Party for Socialism and Liberation:

Showing that racism is alive and well in the South, a massive Confederate flag was raised on June 3 along I-4 and I-75 outside of Tampa, Fla. …

Walter Hilderman, a former member of SCV, affirms that the current leadership of the group is aligned with the League of the South—an organization whose self-proclaimed goal is an independent Southern republic consisting of the member states of the former Confederacy. According to the Southern Poverty Center, the SCV has a $5 million war chest to fund its hate propaganda throughout the nation.

Right. Educating folks about the Confederate soldier’s ordeals and courage is "hate propaganda."

And notice that the mere display of the Confederate Battleflag is "proof" of the racist intentions of the Florida SCV. But then, that’s the same thing you’d hear from Lindsey Graham, John McCain, or Morris Dees.

And a quote from an ex-SCV member gives this condemnation the look and feel of objectivity.

Good going, Walter. Looks like the old saying is true — you CAN judge a man by the comrades he keeps.

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