Signs of Hope and Inspiration



The comment below was posted on my website:   I replied to this teacher with words of gratitude; I also told her check out this website that has Lee Greenwood, (a name most people will recognize),  singing Dixie:
Comments such as this gives me hope and inspiration that there are far more people out there, than we realize, that are doing their part to teach the truth.  Thank God!!!

Sally Raburn

Comments Left on Song of Dixie:

Hi! My name is Julie Bailey Wegner and I am a fifth grade teacher in Dacula, GA. I am currently teaching my kids about the "Civil" War and found your site while trying to find a copy of "Dixie." Get this…our social studies CDs and the music curriculum CDs both came with several versions of "Battle Hymn of the Republic," but not one of "Dixie." Anyway, I really appreciate the instrumental version, but I was wondering if you could find one with someone singing the lyrics as well? I’d like the kids to hear it with the lyrics, not just read them. By the way, my kids were very surprised to hear of the many causes of the war, not just slavery. It took a while to convince them that the war was not over slavery, Anyway, if you could please help with the song, I’d be grateful, I can’t find one anywhere! Thanks so much, and keep up the good work!