BBQ signs less offensive than flags

Sign language stirs up controversy (Column, Jan. 25)

When I first read this article, my first thought was that Cameron Bailey has a rather dumb sense of humour: Xenophobia just isn’t funny. “Racist” never crossed my mind, simply because the article revealed nothing that would evoke that.

It didn’t cross my mind, that is, until later in the day when I heard Bailey proclaim on the radio that he prominently displays two large Confederate flags — flags recognized internationally as historically symbolic of slavery, racism and hatred. Bailey might want to take the grits off the stove for a bit and do a little honest research. Serving up a heap of biscuits ’n’ gravy is one thing. Deliberately displaying a Confederate flag while doing so is quite another.

Red-neck racist undertones? As close as stink is to the outhouse, y’all.

Doug Campbell, Burlington