Sickened by Cracker Barrel
Sometime over the last week I heard a news headline about Cracker Barrel being implicated in a "hepatitis outbreak" — the exact phrase used. Anybody got something on it? I didn’t get the impression it was over the cookie dough (which, by the way, carries a warning that it must not be eaten raw).
Cracker Barrel is a flagrant heritage violator and NWO stooge. Some years ago they as a matter of policy ceased carrying Confederate flag-themed gift items because it was "offensive" to race demagogues. Now each CB store has, to my knowledge, an immense "we’re not racist" sign posted in its entryway, sort of like the image of Martin Lucifer King that smacks you in the face if you should have the gross misfortune or absent-mindedness to enter a Denny’s.
We must take our heritage boycotts seriously. I DO NOT PATRONIZE THESE PLACES unless it’s absolutely unavoidable, like when some well-intentioned yankees running the nascent Ron Paul meetup group here held an organization dinner at a CB — where they fortunately saved us attendees from paying for their meals. Afterward we chilled in the rocking chairs out front, I waving my CBF in full view of customers and staff.
Cracker Barrel is despicable. Denny’s is ignominious. Wal-Mart is criminal as are the South’s big grocery chains save Ingles. Target recanted its Christmas ban on Salvation Army bell-ringers but I haven’t spend ONE MORE CENT there anyway. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH LENIN’S "USEFUL IDIOTS" AND OTHER STOOGES!