Sick of these Liberal rants against our flag
Chuck & all,
Today as I opened my Yahoo page I noticed an article posted to the side that read "Why is Waving the Confederate Flag Offensive?" by some young female "Network Contributor". It took only reading the first 2 sentences to see that it was just another Liberal ignorant rant against our heritage and another attempt to compare the Confederacy to Nazi Germany. I am sick to my stomach of reading this Liberal garbage while they refuse to print anything from a "Pro-South" supporter no matter how intellectual the article may be. It is funny to me that the author of the article, Christine Jenkins, describes herself as "I’m currently a cubicle zombie, much like many others. I’ve written since the seventh grade. Short stories, poetry, plays, novels – you name it, I’ve tried it. I’m a debater by nature. And, that’s about it." This is just another example of how the Liberal media wants to only publish anit-Southern & anti-Confederate trash and you can bet that anything Yahoo puts out and especially what they pull in from the Associate Press (AP) is going to be Liberally slanted & anti-everything that most decent Southerners or Southern Heritage supporters believe in. Personally I’m sick of it and I hate to even open my computer or read anything the has to do with the South or our Heritage because I know ahead that it will be slanted & biased against all that we and our proud patriotic ancestors believed in and bled for. You read the article and decide for your self if you are sick of this garbage yet and if it isn’t time we as Southerners start flooding these media outlets with our own articles & letters.
The article is attached.
God bless Dixie,
Sam Lyons
Why is Waving the Confederate Flag Offensive?