Shreveport Times Article


In reference to this article and the first two comments:

No…the real, sad, story is the first two sophomoric comments to this article. Billhoist is probably jealous that he cannot go to Europe and comes up with a childish, dim-witted comment that means nothing to the topic.

CajunMax has obviously been brainwashed into believing that somehow the secession of the southern states from the Union was a treasonous act. If that were the case, then why were no Confederate government officials or army officers charged or hung for that serious crime?

Fired upon the American flag CajunMax? Consider this when thinking that the south precipitated the war by firing on Ft. Sumter (thanks Bernhard from CFHI):

On the 15th of March, 1861, President Lincoln submitted the following request in writing to each member of his Cabinet: "My Dear Sir, Assuming it to be possible to now provision Fort Sumter, under all the circumstances is it wise to attempt it? Please give your opinion in writing on this question."

Secretary Cameron wrote that he would advise such an attempt if he "did not believe the attempt to carry it into effect would initiate a bloody and protracted conflict."

Secretary Welles wrote: "By sending or attempting to send provisions into Fort Sumter, will not war be precipitated? It may well be impossible to escape it under any course of policy that may be pursued, but I am not prepared to advise a course that would provoke hostilities…I do not, therefore, under all the circumstances, think it wise to provision Fort Sumter."

Right CajunMax (disgrace the Cajun name btw), all of those 1000’s of volunteers fought so that they could keep slaves and rape them…you are obviously on the fringe to make such an outrageous statement and I pray to God that you carry no blood of Confederate soldiers in your veins as you are surely a disgrace to the memory of all of them!

As for the Prussian, not Polish, man who is being honored, looking for a fight indeed…it’s more likely that he, like many other foreigners saw the Union’s acts against the south as evil and an usurping of the original intent of the Constitution of the United States.