Southern Heritage Political Action Committee, Message From Chairman

From the Chairman:

Where do we go from here? The Southern Heritage Political Action Committee (SHPAC), along with representatives from seven other Georgia heritage organizations, recently met with Gov. Perdue face to face in his office. We asked for him to honor his promise to give Georgia a fair flag vote to include the 1956 state flag. We again presented him with a copy of the recent Mason Dixon poll which showed that 79% of Georgians polled felt that the 1956 flag should have been one of the choices on his referendum. He told us “that (the flag) was not on his agenda”. Attempts have since been made by the same heritage groups to get an appointment with Speaker of the House, Glenn Richardson. This man will not even give us an appointment to talk with him. There is no doubt that the leaders in the House and Senate get their marching orders from the Governor and the will of the majority of Georgians are being ignored.

We 14 SHPAC board members do what we do for a number of reasons. Many of them are listed below:

1. Our 45 year old Georgia state flag was changed, dishonoring the Confederate soldiers it was designed to honor.

2. The battle flag was removed from South Carolina’s state house under threat of boycott, and placed at a Confederate Soldier’s monument. The boycott continues as the NAACP says they are still offended.

3. Confederate flags have been removed and banned from display at many Confederate soldier gravesites.

4. The Southern song and tune "Dixie" has fallen silent, and has been banned from our schools and colleges.

5. The Confederate battle-flag has been taken out of the hands of Ole Miss Rebel football fans because the football coach said it hurt his recruiting efforts.

6. T-shirts honoring Southern heroes that include the banner under which they fought has been banned from many schools throughout the South.

7. Employees of some large corporations have been told that vehicles with bumper stickers displaying the battle-flag were not allowed in the company parking lot.

8. BellSouth has banned any likeness of the Confederate battle-flag from business ads in their yellow pages.

9. The "Confederate Naval Museum" in Columbus was renamed the "Civil War Naval Museum".

10. The Confederate Rose was renamed to the Cherokee Rose.

11. Under pressure from corporate sponsors the "Confederate Air Force" was renamed. It is now the "Memorial Air Force".

12. The University of Georgia’s "Dixie Redcoat Band" no longer plays "Dixie" and they are no longer called the "Dixie Redcoat Band".

13. Former Texas Governor George W. Bush appeased the NAACP by removing a Confederate plaque from the Texas Supreme Court building which had been built from funds set aside for Texas Confederate Veterans. The plaque was placed there in the early 1900’s to honor the Confederate soldiers who died defending Texas.

14. The names of schools, streets, bridges, and other buildings bearing the names of Confederate and Revolutionary War heroes are being renamed because the NAACP says you should be offended.

15. The word Dixie has been removed from the "Dixie Intercollegiate Athletic Conference". This is an eight member conference of colleges in the North Carolina, Virginia area.

16. Dixie Outfitters booths have been kicked out of malls in Georgia and Alabama because they sell (non-offensive) Confederate themed t-shirts.

17. Ashley Walls, a student at East-Highland Middle School in Sylacauga, Alabama, was told to remove a small necklace on which she had a small Confederate flag. Principal Nathan Brown says the school forbids all "rebel" insignia as well as all clothing or objects containing references to "Dixie."

18. The Town Council of Exmouth, England, scuttles plans for a ceremony to honor Gen. Collett Leventhorpe, an English General who fought in the Confederate army. This was done because the observance might be seen to have "racist undertones."

19 The Second National Flag of the Confederacy was removed from the display of flags at the Riverwalk in Augusta because the NAACP asked that it be removed.

20. A young high-school senior in Tennessee was forbidden from entering her high-school prom because she had designed her beautiful prom dress to the likeness of a Confederate flag.

21. The Coca Cola Company now refers to it’s founder, Dr. John Pemberton, as being a "Civil War Veteran" instead of calling him a "Confederate Veteran".

Our purpose is to continue working to replace as many of those politicians as possible who vote wrong on issues involving our honorable Southern heritage. With your help, Sonny Perdue in particular will be exposed as we will run radio and newspaper ads. We will be renting space on billboards around Georgia this 2006 election cycle. We will also be doing direct mailings to many Georgia voters. This is very costly, but very effective.

There is now a Republican challenger for the Governor’s office who, if elected, promises a fair state flag referendum. Very conservative and very Southern Heritage friendly, Ray McBerry has announced that he will challenge Sonny Perdue for the Republican nomination. There are also two well known Democrats who want Sonny’s job, neither of which will support a fair flag vote. Therefore Georgia’s chance of getting a fair flag vote, to include the honorable 1956-2001 state flag, lies in our determination and our ability to elect Ray McBerry. Nobody else in the race will consider such a vote. For more information:

SHPAC hopes that you will get involved in the campaign of Mr. McBerry. He is someone who will stand on the stump and proudly proclaim his Southerness and he will also stand up for those conservative principles our forefathers so proudly fought to defend. Southerners who care about truth, fairness and conservative values, have no other choice in Georgia’s upcoming race for governor.

To those who have donated to our (SHPAC) efforts in the past, thank you. Your money has been used wisely. To those good folks and anyone else who would like to be a part of our efforts, please please consider helping with the costs. Not one penny of your money is spent on us or for any purpose other than working against bad politicians. As a matter of fact, some of our largest contributors are also SHPAC board members.

The 2006 campaign season is right around the corner and we will be on the job for you. Please visit our website at and become a SHPAC member or to just make a contribution. With your help, we can make a difference. Our heritage and our honorable ancestors deserve our attention, our time, and a little of our money right now!

Best Southern regards,
Joel Coleman

Please forward to all who should be interested. To contribute to the SHPAC, checks can be mailed to:

P.O. Box 725308
Atlanta, GA 31139

Or call: 1-888-329-7397 or 1-706-374-4744 for credit card contributions

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