Re: This week’s Views poll: Should the University of Alabama ban the ‘Old South’ parade?
Yet another groveler claiming Southern roots, sitting in high holy judgment of people who lived 150 years ago and castigating his own in the process! Of all the criticisms of the South and its flag, the "nazi" analogy is the most criminal, and should never be allowed to pass. Looking at this guy’s bio, it says he was born in Texas. Hard to believe, considering the fact that this is the state that produced the likes of Hood’s rough and tumble boys, and the 184 souls who stood off 30 times their number at the Alamo. If this guy’s a Texan, then I’m the Dali Lahma!?
And he actually had the gall to write me back and ask me why I was so upset! duhh?!
One (allegedly) native born southerner like this does more damage than a regiment full of yankee transplants.
1. You made the analogy, now I’m calling you out on it. Explain to us poor ill informed readers how the Confederacy and Nazi Germany are anything at all like each other? I want to know how the Confederacy resembles a dictatorship which actively pursued the genocidal extermination of an entire race of people, and pursued it so effectively that at the end of 12 years of Nazi rule, there were 6 million fewer of that race in Europe than there were a dozen years before? Explain your analogy to us – How is this anything like the Confederacy, because I don’t see the Confederacy, the South, or the United States for that matter, exterminating anyone, least of all the black man – and the numbers tell the story. In 1800, there were one million black people living in this country. By 1860 that number had grown to 4 million. By the time Booker T Washington gave his "Atlanta Exposition Speech" in 1895 that number had grown to 8 million. Today, it stands at 40 million. Doesn’t sound like a holocaust to me, does it to you?
And, if you do feel a crying need to compare someone or something to Nazi Germany, I’d say you’d have a better shot if you compared it to the North. The South’s leaders, almost to a man, repeated the same mantra – "all we ask is to be left alone." Doesn’t sound like Nazi Germany to me?! By contrast, the North sent its troops crashing over its neighbor’s borders in a bloody war of subjugation. You tell me then, which sounds more like Nazi Germany? The South? Or the North? Even you should be bright enough to figure out the answer
2. On the whining of the black sorority. Please show me where it is written, that one group has the right to dictate to another? Please show me where it is written that one group must put away those things that it considers important because another is offended? I want to know where such a thing is written? For years, I have been listening to bloviating blowhards like you repeating the same old tired drivel, but I have not been able to find where such things are written? Enlighten me please.
Here’s an idea – why don’t you show us you’re REALLY from Texas and, like the Texans we’ve read about in the history books, that you do indeed have "a pair!" Why don’t you write an op/ed piece saying that groups like the black sorority need to learn that, as my dad used to say, "the world does not revolve around you, it never has and it never will,” and that it’s “high time” they “grow up!?” Of course, we both know that if you wrote such a thing today, that you’d be coming in to work tomorrow to find a pink slip in your mailbox. So much for having "a pair."
Bill Vallante
Commack NY
Sons of Confederate Veterans (Associate Member)
Camps 3000, 1506, 1369

Mr. Vallante — 
Thanks for your comments. The comparison was not in deed — though I know a number of people who might easily make a such a comparison. As far as exterminations, well, we have had our hands in that throughout history, have we not? If all is honor and glory, why such defensiveness? Shouldn’t the truth set us free? 
Thanks again for your perspective. It is appreciated. 
Best — 
Joey Kennedy
The Birmingham News
I don’t see much "truth" in your short piece. And, all is not "honor and glory." As someone once said, "There is no glory in combat, only survival, dismemberment or death." 
Further, I get more than simply "defensive" when I encounter gross ignorance. I go on the offensive. A comparison between the Confederacy and Nazi Germany goes even beyond gross ignorance, if such a thing is possible.  
"Exterminations"? Now that you mention it,  I seem to remember that the same blue coated generals who pounded the Southland into the ground when it asked simply "to be left alone" also did one hell of a number on the Native Americans. 
Bill Vallante 
"…Whatever causes the Cherokee people may have had in the past, to complain of some of the Southern States, they cannot but feel that their interests and their destiny are inseparably connected with those of the South. The war now raging is a war of Northern cupidity and fanaticism against the institution of African servitude; against the commercial freedom of the South, and against the political freedom of the States, and its objects are to annihilate the sovereignty of those States and utterly change the nature of the General Government."

[Cherokee Declaration of Causes, 1861]