Short Inspirational Stories
Greetings!  The Confederate Legion website has over the years, attempted not only to inform out people as to the Confederate Cause, but to inspire them.  Among the entries on the website are two of my favorites, Visitors from Beyond and The Last Sunset!  The first true and authentic account of Yankee General George McClellan receiving supernatural guidance, a story wrapped in fiction, and one I highly recommend.
The second is a story of patriotic Confederates ‘Left Behind’ when the Rapture of the Church takes places!  The latter while Christian oriented, it is not preachy but merely tells a very interesting story, which I believe everyone will enjoy.
Also you are invited to log onboard our Guest Book, you can either leave a brief message or else you can read what others have read by clicking the Guest Book Message Log, posted on a menu just below the large picture.  Among the messages recently posted there is one by our former Chief of Staff Gerald Woods, with whom I totally agree, so log onboard and see what others have to say.    
Inspirational Stories
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