Thank you so much for efforts made for my receiving the SHNV in this computer’s Inbox.  Today’s issue was received in the Inbox and Spam as well.
Receiving this email has become very important to me.  My mother’s two grandfathers served in the Army of the Confederacy.  One was from Tennessee and the other was in the Waco Regulars.  Mother schooled me well in Southern Heritage.  She left this earth with her own one hundred year history.  Where she left off teaching me has been picked up by several men who are southern cousins.  I live on the west coast.  These last years have given me a continued and very interesting education in Southern Heritage.
Best wishes,
Carolyn Wieland

A family story:  The two Great Grandfathers moved to Belton, Texas, after the WBTS.  When my grandmother was high school age about 1884, Texas integrated boys and girls schools.  Her father declared, "No daughter of mine will go to school with boys."  She was sent to Athenean school for young women in Columbia, Tennessee, which my cousins tell me still stands.
There is no story of the transportation or trip to and from her school or if she went alone or chaperoned.  The journey had to have been very strenuous.
I do have in my possession one of her school books from that school and a dairy that she wrote while attending school so far from home.  Also there are two autograph books from her school days.  These were treasures that my mother held on to.  I do wonder what would be an appropriate permanent home for them.