SHNV on Ron Paul
Dear Mr. Knapp,
I, too, was a trifle overwhelmed by the single-minded nature of the particular SHNV issue involved in your communication. Still, I must protest making all that much of the matter. We – you, Mr. Demastus and myself – are like the gladiators of old looking at Cesar and saying, "We who are about to die (or become extinct) salute you!" We must allow disagreements among ourselves providing these do not encompass matters of principle. If we cannot tolerate differences of opinion within our ranks, we are doomed! Believe me, our enemies put aside their differences so as to present a united front against us.
One of the most trying things I have dealt with over the years regarding fellow conservatives is our inability to acknowledge the humanity of our fellow conservatives. Many conservatives are willing to extend forgiveness to all manner of our foes no matter how unkind they may be. "In Jesus’ Name," we forgive and endure. On the other hand, our own folks are given no such generosity of spirit. I have seen great movements such as the pro-life movement brought to grief by the inability of those within it to tolerate differences of opinion most of which involve strategies rather than principles. I am reminded nothing so much as Pogo the Possum’s elegant and seminal statement so many years ago, "We has met the enemy and he is us."
I beg all of my fellow supporters of the South, her heroes, her heritage and her symbols to put aside our differences and stand together. Towards this end, I shall quote someone a great deal more famous than Pogo the Possum – Benjamin Franklin – who said, "Gentlemen! We must all hang together or most assuredly we shall all hang separately."
Deo Vindice.
Valerie Protopapas
Re: SHNV on Ron Paul
Dear Ms. Protopapas:
As much as I respect you for your work on the Stuart-Mosby newsletter, with all due respect I do NOT appreciate being scolded for my opinions. Mr. Paul’s district is less than 10 miles from my house, and I know many people who live in it; their opinions of his service as an elected representative varies from good (but not great) to language that makes me blush.
I respect Mr. Demastus for having his opinion, as I wish he and others would respect mine. HOWEVER, when I subscribe to something called "Southern Heritage News & Views" I expect to read about CONFEDERATE news and events, NOT modern day Presidential politics. I have no problem when we get a heads up about a politician trying to remove a Confederate marker (for example), but to have an entire edition being a non-stop bombardment of "vote for MY candidate" is just too much. Of course there was distortion in the figures Mr. Demastus cited – for example, he failed to mention that the reason Mr. Paul did so well in Maine was that only he and that RINO Mitt Romney were on the ballot there; it wasn’t so much that he came in second as he came in last in a two man race.
If Ron Paul is so gung-ho about the Confederacy then WHY haven’t I and others that I routinely discuss such matters with ever read any such pronouncements? Yes, I know about the "left wing press" and their censorship, but WHY haven’t we been told about these articles before now? I scour the internet thoroughly; I read online versions of newspapers from several different cities, I subscribe to many conservative newsfeeds – so I ask again, WHY haven’t I seen these things before?
The personal attack upon me by Mr. Demastus for not sharing his opinions is typical of the fanatic, rabid people Mr. Paul seems to attract, and is exactly why Mr. Paul will NEVER get any closer to the presidency than where he is now, routinely in third or fourth place.
I hope that you will not waste an entire edition of the Stuart-Mosby newsletter on such matters as present day Presidential politics; I consider it no great loss to no longer receive the worthless drivel that Mr. Demastus sends out, but I would greatly regret no longer supporting Stuart-Mosby, especially as Colonel Mosby is a cousin of mine.
Obviously Mr. Demastus has a big mouth and thinks that flooding my e-mail with Ron Paul supporters will change my mind; it will not, it will only reinforce my opinion. Although his newsletter is not an official SCV communication, his actions indirectly bring shame upon the SCV and I have no problem reporting his ungentlemanly behavior to SCV HQ if it continues.
Confederately yours,
Chris S. Knapp.