SHNV email newsletter and Facebook?
Hello Chuck:
I’ve read and appreciated for quite some time your emailed SHNV newsletter and have, and still do, look forward to receiving it at all times.  Also, I forward it to many of my friends, acquaintances, etc.  Not only do I look forward to it, and once the email arrives, it really makes my day!  And yes, it’s convenient, it appears in my inbox, and I don’t have to dig around for things All Things Southern/confederate like I would in other venues, other forms of media, EG. Facebook!
Facebook I’m sure is wonderful for some folks, and that’s great, but for many others, like myself, it isn’t.  Yes, security and privacy is a concern.  I’ve had friends who joined Facebook, only to be bombarded by people that my friends wanted nothing to do with, amongst other problems.  I don’t want any part of that.
Also, in the email, as mentioned, everything, links, etc., is right there in the email.  When I did glimpse (with my screen reader) at the SHNV. Facebook page, I couldn’t make heads or tails of it (no offense meant, but it was what it was). That is, things were hard for me to find, whereas, again, in the email, everything is right there, and I can just click on what I want to read:  everything is in order in the SHNV emails.  Not saying you’re not orderly with your Facebook, it’s just I had major difficulties finding and accessing anything in the Facebook page.  I also would encounter errors in Facebook.
I have written my appreciation to you several times over the last several years and I still am.  I have sent links to you for your enjoyment, and for the enjoyment of all who are on your SHNV list and hope that you enjoy them half as much as I do.
I am totally blind, so, Facebook is extremely difficult for me to navigate. In addition to the difficulties and concerns that I mentioned to you above,  pictures, photos and the like are wonderful, but, again, I’m totally blind, so my computer software (my talking screen reader), does not recognize or read pictures.
So I ask of you to please not discontinue your Southern Heritage News and Views email version of the newsletter.  I look forward to it every day and when I receive it, not only do I thoroughly enjoy it, and gain knowledge, I also tell my friends about the newsletters, and I forward the newsletter and my friends enjoy them Greatly! Some of my friends are blind like myself, and they are in the same position as I am.
Please Chuck, for me and many folks like myself (many of them probably don’t write, but they enjoy them as well):  please don’t discontinue the SHNV email! 
I’ve enjoyed your newsletters for years, and I’ve appreciated your responses to my emails, and I’ve appreciated your responses to whatever questions I’ve had over the years.  You’ve always responded to me on a timely manner and I appreciate that as well.
Please continue the Great Work, and the Great SHNV. Newsletters!
Thank you, and I very much look forward to continually receiving the most comprehensive, informative, interesting source of anything Truly Southern anywhere:  and that is, your Wonderful SHNV email Newsletters!
Southern Pride,
Matt, thanks so much for the kind words. I’m sorry if I led you to believe I was going to discontinue the email newsletter. I have no plans to do that. I’ve been putting out the SHNV newsletter since about 1996 in one form or another. I guess I’ll keep it up for a while longer.
Thanks for your support.