SHNV Award Certificate to Patriots of the Cause


Brother T,

Thanks for your gracious words. That is high praise coming from a leader such as yourself! I second your motion for the creation of such an award, but I think others – like yourself and your ENTIRE family – are far more deserving!

The Warrens – T, Pam, and Mayme – do more for our Southern Confederate Heritage in Ill Annoy than do 90% of Georgians in the SCV. Hell, you just suffered a big attack that I don’t believe any of us on this list have ever endured – just for being a pro Confederate artist with Indian blood. Who else’s child does such a tremendous job fighting for the Cause than your offspring? What wife knows enough about our fight to not only support her old man but is quick to put pen to paper and dress the part all while following him from hell to creation and back? Yours is something truly to uphold as an example, and something I wish I could emulate.

Lijah Coleman. He started the Georgia Minutemen, and that morphed into the now world famous Georgia Flaggers. His efforts to save and restore the 1956 Ga State Flag, his selfless dedication, his time, his $$$, his stamina and perseverance, the movement he inspired has grown into a political force that throws fear and uncertainty into any campaign. His Project Wave idea which got over 3,000 1956 flags on poles flying over the state. His special T-shirts constitute 3 pieces of my wardrobe. His nickname of Gray Ghost is well earned. How can I ever compare?

Chuck Demastus, his list is famous and growing. His time spent away from his beloved to keep up the effort. Sorting thru and editing for spelling to keep us looking semi- intelligent. SHNV is the leader in bringing our modern Confederate Heritage fighters to one place. Plus his hospitality is legend.

Tommy PoP Aaron. Blogs, Moderator of Southern Warroom and former Dixie Warroom, which suffered a horrendous attack. His presence is a blessing to Chuck and our movement. He is quick to help anyone who asks.

Clint Lacy. I believe if it weren’t for the Missouri Bushwhacker we would never hear anything positive from the Show Me state.

Colonel Michael Kelley and the 37th Texas. Stands against the Klan. Tons of pro Confederate and Anti Yankee anti Lincoln information. Wiped out by Katrina but bounced back pretty quick to rejoin the fight.

HK Edgerton. Puts himself on the front lines and is an inspiration to thousands. Puts our good name and flag in locations none on this list would dare travel.

Grayson Jennings. Dixie Days. Stood up to 1 offended parent and a PC bed wetting government administration and told em all to take a flying leap. Kept his principals and will never sell out. Has bigger things planned for 2007.

Dewey Barber. His shirts represent this generation. Is any company so dedicated to the Cause? Has any ever been? His website is a great resource that is required reading.

Patricia Godwin. Her Forrest Statue in Selma. Her Ft Dixie. Her always taking Mo Dees to task. Fresh from Franklin march with an excellent report and ready to go again – do any of us have that much determination?

Bill Vallante in Noo Yuck, Liam McAlister in Ireland, Reinout Temmerman in Belgium, and others in a foreign land (like T) keeping the Flame alive.

These good folks were off the top of my head, there are of course many others, each giving their all. I am not ashamed to say I would love to have such an award on my wall, but please place me down the recipient list below those who I mentioned above, whose shoes are too big for me to fill, nor some I am not worthy to shine. I’ll take one after they get theirs first.

Thanx & God Bless
Billy Bearden

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