Anyone with any historical knowledge who watched the History Channel’s program about Sherman’s march through Georgia should have realized that this was just another modern-day attempt to justify Sherman’s attack on the defenseless widows & orphans of Georgia. The program was sprinkled with a few facts with most of the damning ones against Sherman omitted. There was no mention of the Roswell mill incident or of the burning of an orphanage in Atlanta (orphans were a real threat to Sherman as were widows) or of the all woman home guard, the Nancy Harts who came out to oppose him on his march through their area. Sherman’s actions are written off as denying Confederate troops of the vital supplies they needed to continue the war. What supplies???? The yankee prisoners at Andersonville were eating the same rations as the Confederate guards & civilians in the surrounding areas of Georgia. If they were starving to death it stands to reason that the civilians were too. Add to this misery Sherman’s stealing of the meager supplies left to the civilian & slave population & you have mass starvation in the areas he raped, plundered, stole & burned his way through. Hood’s army had left Atlanta to fall back onto Union supply lines in Nashville. Why didn’t Sherman pursue Hood & try to engage Hood’s army which was a much greater threat to him & the Union than the civilian population of Georgia? Instead the modern-day politically correct who fancy themselves historians had rather call Sherman’s war atrocities " modern warfare " than what it actually was, war crimes against civilians. This program, like most others aimed against the South, are a part of the ongoing yankee attempt to brainwash us into thinking Sherman saved us from ourselves & that we should somehow come to understand that he destroyed us for our own good & be thankful for it. The yankee media moguls who pump out this propaganda can kiss my grits right in the white. We will never buy into any of your lies!

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama