Sherman a Hero?
Reading a recent piece by Victor David Hanson on heroes, he includes William Tecumseh Sherman in his pantheon of heroes for "making Georgia howl."
Let me get this straight.  Anyone in wartime who leads an overwhelming army of plunderers, rapists, and assasins through almost undefended civilian territory encompassing three states, expressly targeting civilians, infrastructure, churches and nunneries, devastating and burning a 60-mile swath, leaving the displaced population little food, shelter or transportation in wintertime … is a hero in Hanson’s book.  Depradations on women and children, frail and elderly, are perfectly all right with Mr. Hanson.  Colorblind cruelty visited on civilian whites, slaves and free blacks alike is heroic, according to Mr. Hanson.   As long as the end (preservation of union and freedom of slaves) is seen by Mr. Hanson to be good, no death toll is too high, extreme suffering by civilians is totally warranted, scorched earth is an approved tactic.   He never questions there might have been a better way to free the slaves, as was found in every other slave-holding country.
This, my friends, is the result of using education to brainwash even our best and brightest.  They do not even know they are brainwashed.
Betty Zeitz