Shenandoah Pamphlet


Thanks Chuck for the quick posting of our pamphlet effort would you do a follow up?

We would like to thank the numerous responses, already, collectively and assure them our personal thanks will accompany their booklet.

One request, in particular from Sybil of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Several ladies from the Richmond UDC went to Liverpool and Bob Jones hosted them and most of them enjoy the experiencing the Confederate Navy Operations there.

Sybil had a very good point, "it’s not to early in this planning, as it gives all a chance to start saving to attend".

For those contemplating a bit of support, we are also erecting a permanent marker to CSS Shenandoah, its Officers and Crew.  A tribute to counter the three (3) markers in Great Britain to the Tyrant Lincoln.

Again, Thanks to Chuck for his site and always keeping everyone informed and all for your support.

Jerry and John