I would like to remind all readers of SHNV that Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education (SHAPE) is looking for active members. We are an active Southern Heritage group that welcomes all southern patriots to our cause. We have a General Discussion board, for general postings. Our Articles Board where researched and sourced articles can be posted, we have a Re-enactors board where you may discuss upcoming events or just talk about past events. We have a This Day in History board for historical events and discussion. We have a Did You Know board for interesting facts in history. We work with and help many organizations who work to save our history. We have a Members Only board for those who support and promote our efforts; you must be active and stay active to gain access to this board. We have several projects in the works at this time and may be willing to take on new suggested projects. SHAPE is a recognized charity organization in the state of Mississippi and I am currently working on our 501 tax exempt status. I invite everyone to check us out and consider joining us in our efforts to promote and protect our Southern Heritage.
Best Regards,
George Purvis