Shades of gray


Proverbs says that even a fool appears wise when he remains silent. Obviously, either you never read that or you failed to take it to heart and your abysmally ignorant comments prove once again the efficacy of Scripture. Your ignorance is understandable in that what is taught as history is really politically correct, demagogic propaganda. Ergo, your lack of knowledge is to some extent forgivable. What is NOT forgivable is equating honorable people and an honorable cause to the worst people and causes in modern times.

To disagree or dispute is fine. To engage in brainless and hateful name calling is not! Sadly, you have failed to observe that Biblical admonition which might have prevented the extent of your ignorance and lack of intellect from becoming a matter of public knowledge. Alas, I suppose that is why so few fools are spared exposure. Like yourself, they reject wise silence.

Valerie Protopapas