Re: Fauquier Heritage Institute presents Sesquicentennial Seminar, "America’s Uncivil War: The War Between the States"
It wasn’t “the War Between the States!” It was “the War Against the States!”, a war in which the Federal Government seized power from the sovereign states, North and South, East and West. The problem is that the states of the North were so fixated on money (and what would happen if the South should actually leave and create a new nation) that they did not see that they were being lured into fighting for the Federal Government against their sister states in order to destroy forever the concept of “the Sovereign States.”  Indeed, they fought to institute the concept of the “citizen” (small “c”) vs. the “Citizen” (capital “C”). Instead of being a Citizen of Virginia or Massachusetts, the war made everyone a citizen of “the nation.” Remember, the word “national” with regard to the central government never occurs in the Constitution and the greatest “check and balance” against federal hegemony is – or rather, was – the power of the Sovereign States!
The War Against the States was perhaps the biggest swindle ever pulled by a relatively small coterie of politicians and criminals (but then, I am being redundant) against virtually an entire population lead by supposedly intelligent citizens. The tyrants in DC stood back and watched the Sovereign States of the United States kill, maim and destroy each other in order to empower the tyrants in DC! Frankly, it was bloody brilliant if altogether immoral.
No, it’s really time we start to understand who the enemies were in this war because for far too long, our attention has been diverted by focusing on who the combatants were. Actually, it turns out that the two are not the same at all.