Sesquicentennial Event
We, the 2 SCV Camps in England and Scotland, were asked if we had any plans to stage the surrender of the CSS Shenandoah for the Sesquicentennial in 2015 in Liverpool, England, the site of the 6 November 1865 surrender to HMS Donegal’s Captain Paynter.
As this is several years away, Commander Collier and myself mulled it over for a week or so, exchanging emails and telephone calls.
Feelers were sent out in Great Britain as well as the United States to see just what interest there way be at this early stage into the Sesquicentennial.
We are highly encouraged and enthusiastic now of holding a two day event in Liverpool in 2015.
Anyone here on your site that is interested in assisting in the preparation or even participating can contact either John at the John Low Camp, CSN #2160.  or Jerry at:
We will then get together and reply to all who contact us as soon as we can.
Jerry Wells
Clyde River Blockade Runners #2168
Bridge of Allan, Scotland/Henrico, Virginia