For those who have purchased previous calendars in our series, a personal note….embarking on the project this year seemed an ominous task…re-hashing the melancholy of the surrenders of the gallant armies of Virginia, Tennessee, the Trans-Mississippi and the dis-mantling of the government of the Confederate States of America seemed too painful to undertake.  The Nation that was established with such hope and purpose would evaporate in almost the twinkling of an eye…to be remembered so wrongly and unjustly in so many schoolchildren’s history books after such a heroic and sacrificial effort.

Nevertheless, keeping with our ongoing theme of not focusing on the military aspects of the CSA, but instead incorporating current events, her government and personalities, I believe this calendar will be an inspiration and treasure to you.  For, despite the heartbreak of the defeat of Southern military forces, the courage, heroism and obligation to ‘duty’ in spite of awful circumstances is evidenced by the Southern people even in her final days.
In striking contrast is the vindictiveness of the conquering enemy and their betrayal of Southern blacks.
Also included is a bonus tribute to the Confederate Marine Corps as well as the completion of Jefferson Davis’ grand plan for the Capital Dome in Washington, DC.
The calendars are available by mail order for only $18.50 and support our Chapter’s memorial, historical and other projects.
The calendars also make great speaker gifts and stocking stuffers for you Southern friends and family.
Simply mail your check payable you UDC 2640 (making sure to indicate the shipping address for the calendars) to: Lunelle Siegel; 606 Vanderbaker Road; Temple Terrace, FL 33617
Lunelle Siegel
Augusta Jane Evans Wilson Chapter 2640
United Daughters of the Confederacy