From: tmanning1@triad.rr.com

Dear Friends of the SPS,
Have you seen the pictures of Washington, D.C. 9 12 rally? Estimates put the figures at 1,000,000 or higher. As I looked at the flags people carried I saw many of the yellow "Don’t Tread On Me", some United States federal flags and some State flags.  The ones I saw were the North Carolina State Flags, North Carolina Republic Flags, South Carolina State Flags, South Carolina Sovereignty Flags, Texas flags, Georgia flags and Virginia flags. And, that was all.
What does this mean. First it may mean that I did not see enough pictures of the event. I have talked to several people who were there and they tell me this is a good general description of the flags that were seen.
Timothy D. Manning, M.Div.*
Executive Director
Palmetto Heritage Foundation