From: Dr. James L. Choron
To: Craig Maus
Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I love the Crockett quote and only John Wayne could make it as eloquently as it was made.
As a native Texan who attended Texas schools long  before the era of "political correctness" there are some points that need to be mentioned here regarding the Texas War for Independence. My grandmother lost two great-uncles in the Alamo (the Blair brothers from Tennesse) and had great-grandfather who fought to avenge them at San Jacento.
The siege of the Alamo began on February 14, 1836. At that time, by definition, the defenders of the Alamo ‘were’ rebels by  exact definigion. They were rebelling against the Mexican Federal (Central) Governmemnt which had abrogated the Constitution of the Mexican Republic (written in 1824 and was  a near-exact copy of the U.S. Constitution as it was at that time). San Antonio was surrounded and cut off between February 14 and March 6 1836 and the men inside the Alamo had no idea that the Texas Declaration had been signed on March 2 — four days before the fall of the Alamo. They all died for a restoration of the rightful government of Mexico, not independence. Goliad fell a few days later but the news of the Declaration of Independence had not reached them as yet either.
Keep in mind that about 1/3 of the defenders of the Alamo and of Goliad were of Mexican origin (not simply in citizenship as were almost all of the ‘anglo’ defenders). The proportion of outside volunteers at this very early stage in the Texas War for Independence  was very small. Out of a known 187 defenders of the a Alamo, Colonel Crocket’s half-dozen or so from Tennessee and around thirty men who belonged to the "New Orleans Greys" were the only real "outsiders" present. The rest, whether of Anglo or Mexican origin were, in fact, long term residents by the standards of Texas at the time and were all voluntarilly Mexican Citizens.
The massacre at the Alamo and at Goliad did more to solidify the independence movement in Texas than any other factors. Even though both were still holding at the time the Declaration of Independence was signed, all knew that it was a matter of time and that neither place could be reinforced. In  essence they bought time for Sam Houston to organize a real "Army of the Republic of Texas" and ultimately defeat Santa Anna and his Mexican Federal regieme at San Jacinto about six weeks later.
The first battle fought under the banner of Texas Independence was at San Jacinto in April of 1836. Only from March 2 can the Texas War for Independence be called by that name. Until then, it was literally a rebellion fought between two different sides within a still-united but politically divided Mexico.
Now — that is  not to say that independence wasn’t the original aim of any, all or some of the men who died both at the Alamo and Goliad. It undoubetedly was. It is simply to point out the difference between rebellion and an actual War for Independence.
None of this applies to the Confedercy since all declarations had already been made and the Confederacy was already an existing nation when the Federal invasion of 1861 took place. This puts the Federal invasion outside both the definition of rebellion or War for Independence and places it solidly into the catagory of an aggressive war waged by the Federal Union against a peaceful neighboring state. That my friend, constitutes international war and the way it was gone about constitutes a war crime.


From: Craig Maus –
Date: Tue, Sep 14, 2010
To:  Dr. James L. Choron –

Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein),
I want to THANK Dr. Choron for sending me this.  Y’all need to read it, understand it and realize the connection of that History which has been taken from you, denied or Never told…..quite probably, ‘all of the aforementioned’ !     May God Eternal help us RESTORE the LEGAL Government of the South- The Confederate States of America and her Confederated Republics less the evil of this Fed’ral Leviathan consume us all.
God Bless.
All Roads Lead to 1865- the beginning of the end !
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Staunch Supporters for the RESTORATION of the LEGAL Government of the South- The Confederate States of America.

PS- I Sincerely HOPE that y’all have been forwarding these most important communiqués to those who have been ‘thirsting’ for the real reasons as to why the Confederacy came to be & why, after having NO alternatives or
Re-course left to her, resulting from the ILLEGAL & UNJUSTIFIED INVASION by another Country, Had to FIGHT IN DEFENSE OF HER COUNTRY & HER SOVEREIGN REPUBLICS!  This IS the History the Fed’rals have altered, destroyed or made politically in-correct in order to underwrite & justify their many illegal actions ever since 1865 !
This is why we are in the predicament we are today.  145 years of subterfuge and a Divorce from that which the Founding Fathers set down is why we are in so many predicaments we should never have found ourselves.
And finally, remember what George Washington told us NEVER to do- "Don’t get involved in Foreign Affairs."
 …..first, THEY had to marginalize the States……and then, although it would take longer (over the next 5-generations hence) the People were also Marginalized via a dumbing down process once They sealed the
Deal on ‘public-education’- C. Maus
…….there’s right  and there’s wrong!  Ya gotta do one or the other.  Ya do the one and you’re liv’en…..ya do the other and ya may be walk’en around but you’re dead as a beaver’s hat !
John Wayne as Davey Crockett in the 13 day siege at The Alamo !