To the Editor:
Who is Hank & Rose Sanders to violate the civil rights of everyone in Selma Alabama over what types of statues will or will not be permitted in Selma, or where or where not they will be placed !?!?
More importantly is how are they getting away with violating the civil rights of the Friends of Forrest because they do not agree with what General Nathan Bedford Forrest did or did not stand for? If, if and if, everything they were saying about Gen. Forrest were true (which it is not) this still does not give these individuals the right to take it upon themselves to disavow everyone else’s civil rights because they do not agree with their opinions.



A case in point, I did not / do not agree with making Martin Luther King Jr. a national hero because, until the F.B.I. allows their files on him to be opened to public scrutiny none of us, black or white, really knows if he was a Communist or not. However, you do not see me or others protesting & acting a fool like Rose Sanders who thinks she`s right without really knowing all the facts.
The bottom line is, Rose Sanders & those like her do not get a free pass to by-pass the United States Constitution and violate the Civil Rights of those she opposes. This is still America where whites in Selma Alabama are supposed to have the same Constitutional Rights as blacks. The U.S. government needs to remind the two black Hitlers, Hank & Rose Sanders of this fact.
Billy E. Price
Ashville, Al.
Those wishing to write letters and show support for the Friends of Forrest for their attempts to maintain Gen. Forrest’s statue in Selma Alabama may do so by emailing them to the Selma Times Journal at and the Montgomery Advertiser atletters@montgomeryadvertiser
Be sure to question these publications over why the enemies of the Friends of Forrest are allowed to disregard the rule of law & civil rights of others because their opinions do not agree with their own.