I just read a piece in the last Southern Heritage News & Views, a 3rd part of a story written by a young girl for one of the so-called civil rights groups publications. In the piece she states, " is it a 1st amendment constitutional right to be able to have & honor a statue to the first KKK leader, murderer, blah, blah, blah."
Either they don’t understand the U.S. Constitution that our ancestors wrote or they don`t want to understand it as it is written or worse, twist it to suit their wants. This whole argument in Selma is about more than just a statue to someone that civil rights groups do not like or agree with.
Its about our constitutional right to erect & honor a statue to anyone or anything that we we want to whether anyone else likes it or not. They don`t have to agree with it or like it but, it is still our right under the U.S. Constitution.
For instance, its their right to erect & honor statues & memorials to some civil rights leaders that the F.B.I. and many other government agencies have proven are dark Red Communist. What other reason is there for the government & F.B.I. to keep Martin Luther King Jr.’s records sealed for a lifetime and a day? Waiting for the day the majority of Americans are communist enough to accept him being a Red? Don’t like my statements, then unseal the records & let the world see what he really was. This would really be fair.
We see your heroes as communist who would have toppled the U.S. government during the Cold War if they could have.
However, no matter how distasteful & wrong those actions were to most Americans you still have a constitutional right to erect statues & memorials to them & honor them no matter how wrong & Un – American they were.
We don’t like this or agree with it either but, it is your constitutional right to do so…just like its our constitutional right to do the same with General Nathan Bedford Forrest. You don’t have to like or honor our heroes as we certainly never have or will honor yours.
The key thing to remember is your likes & dislikes are not against constitutional law & hence illegal…and neither are ours.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama