Seeking 100 Serious Supporters
Dear Chuck
We, the two British SCV Camps, (Captain John Low, CSN #2161 and The Clyde River Blockade Runners #2168) were asked a year ago to stage the "Final" chapter  of the War of Northern Aggression" by the organization’s Lt. Commander in Charge, the:
"The CSS Shenandoah arriving back in England to lower her "Colors" and turn the warship over to British authority rather than face the hangman’s noose of the Yanks" upon capture, that was a certainty.
Our fund raiser is to have 100 donations of $100.00 each which will certainly enable the event to lease a three mast period vessel to portray CSS Shenandoah and the other costly item, a permanent, public “Marker" to the Confederacy, the Confederate Navy and the CSS Shenandoah its Officers and Crew.


This will be the first ever "Marker" in the United Kingdom to our "Cause", whereas, others have erected three (3) markers to Abe Lincoln, two  in England and one in Scotland.
*One of the lucky $100.00 donors will receive two (2) RT Air Coach Fares to this Event and accommodations for 6 Days and 5 Nights and will have a front row view aboard the CSS Shenandoah in Liverpool, the friendliest city in Europe to the Confederacy, then and now.
Also at the $100.00 donor level, there will be 5 other thank you gifts, lithographs of CSS Shenandoah, and HMS Donegal (whose Officers and Crew boarded CSS Shenandoah in the Mersey River to finalize this "Final" phase) and Keith Rocco’s book of "War" paintings.
Your donations are tax deductible and can be mailed to:
CSS Shenandoah/%Gerald Wells
2536 Melaway Drive
Henrico, Virginia 23228
Your donation will be recorded and your tax receipt mailed to you.  Any donor can get a status report of to-date donors upon request. 
This fund raiser will immediately upon receipt of the 100th donor’s check or money order award the gifts.
Should you wish additional information on the donation or Event programs, we would be happy to take your call or email: 804-261-6847 or
Thank You for your support of this Event through the above donor program, and any other donations, please know will help make this the "Best celebration of the Sesquicentennial
Event Coordinators
John Collier
Chris Dowling
Gerald Wells