Re: Seeing no change



My reply to Goldstein in the Sun-Sentinel:

Well, let’s see. First, I agree. The system is rigged. Liberal Democrat Daniel P. Moynihan said that government welfare was killing the black family. He was right. "Set asides" and "affirmative action" treat American blacks like inferiors. The race-mongering "black leaders" including Obama’s "pastor" and, if his own book and his wife’s college thesis mean anything, Obama and his wife as well cultivate a culture of "victimization" among blacks that forever consign them to the fringes of society. Yes, the system is rigged, but not as Mr. Goldstein opines. It is rigged to "favor" if not individual blacks then those of their own kind who prey upon them making money and grabbing power in the name of "leveling the playing field".

As for the Florida plate: whether one believes it is "racist" is irrelevant. So far as I know the Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and expression, but gives no guarantees about not "offending" the sensibilities. For those who don’t LIKE the plate, they simply don’t have to BUY the plate. For the rest, I believe that the Constitution prevails here – as it should.

Oh, and if Obama is nominated, one hopes that his own literary work which is ANYTHING but conciliatory about race becomes better known among WHITE voters. After all, if "white racism" is bad, is "black racism" good? One tends to think not.

Val Protopapas