To: undisclosed-recipients
Sent: Sunday, July 18, 2010

Here’s a video that should win top prize in the warm fuzzies dept. It’s all about the new world order and what it’s going to do for (to) all of us. Watch and forward to friends.

Sent: Sun, Jul 18, 2010
Note that THE NEW WORLD ORDER is identified in one of these videos as COMMUNISM.  Remember that in Communism, contrary to the Commie brainwash, the loot is NOT divided among the people but is collected in the pockets of the elites.
Note:  There is a very nice photo of McCain in this video.  This video is guaranteed to shock you.  Do watch it all the way through.  There certainly is some truth in it despite the weirdness.  Imagine former U.S. President all participating in a giant owl ritual.  I have read of this off and on during past years-in, of all places, the local newspaper.  I think that last year the site in the woods sold–if I remember the new article correctly. I saw a Bush daughter give the odd hand sign you’ll see flash across the screen in one portion of the video.  I, also, saw and years back passed on  to our gang the photos of McCain’s wife and Hillary Clinton wearing identical New World Order pins.
Strange things have happened.  The Masonic group discussed herein–does not seem to be our American one– If it is, Americans have never learned the truth about the top of their group and may have just been fascinated by the Egyptian symbolism.
Interesting, to say the least.
I am passing all of this on to you—because I think that you are like I am—interested in knowing as much as possible about all that is going on in our world—and what various people are thinking.
Whether you believe or disbelieve– I suspect you will not choose to be ignorant of what others believe.
As for me, I reserve judgment– on some of this, but do believe that the NEW WORLD ORDER has revealed itself repeatedly because its members are convinced they have won.
Wars are just one part of their plan for world dominance. Money and power—are the roots of their desires.
We all have been suckered into believing many things totally untrue.  A nine year war that, according to McCain, can last 100 years—should be enough to make all of us wonder about our ability to differentiate truth from propaganda.
The latest word from top men involved in the study of the Twin Towers happening==should make us really, really question our ability to recognize truth when we hear it.
Why have both our Political Parties brought in thousands upon thousands of Muslims into our land?  Why do both parties insist on keeping our borders open? Why h
Does any of this make you suspect that something is rotten at the highest levels in our nation—-and in the world?
Do you continue to believe that everything we are told by our government, by our military leaders, by our preachers and teachers is the whole truth?


From: Craig Maus –
Date: Mon, Jul 19, 2010

Dear Brethren (bcc herein),
Please remember that we Confederates have been telling you about these cumulative events, shown herein in these video’s, for a number of years now and long before the InterNet came into being.  The Confederate Society of America has incessantly spoken of these events since our inception in 1992 and their inter-relationship with one another & the manner in which this nation was being ‘Transitioned’.  Of course we were depicted by our adversaries (et al), in their usual manner, via attempted segregation from all others through demonization and false historical portrayal’s relating to our Confederacy.
We were quickly listed on Dees’ Southern Poverty Law Center’s ‘watch list’ because we dared to speak the Truth!
I remember a man who joined the Society about two years ago who once believed we were a bunch of whacko’s.  I remember him telling me how sorry he was and how very wrong he was….and just how right we were ALL ALONG!
Folk’s, what is going on today is NOT accidental or the product of anyone’s wild imagination.  It is quite real and has been crafted by deliberate design over a number of years.
Do you think it was an accident or mistake that this Federal Government sold it’s debt to it’s arch enemy the Red Chinese if it were NOT for a deliberate reason?
And look at what it accomplished:

> the Feds got their money to continue to advance, create and further bloat their Social Entitlement programs thus further assuring their station while making half of this country’s population social dependants. 

> the States of course were already paying the Banksters in Washington more than they were getting in return and were forced to raise their state taxes even higher in order to exist, quite literally.  this burden only added to the plight of the American taxpayer impacting their quality of life while advancing other’s who the Feds portrayed as less fortunate thus creating that old divide and conquer scenario that always works for a chosen few but never the majority.  the essential difference between a Republic and Democracy whose ‘Democratic plurality’ has always served the existing political powers throughout World History.

> it allowed the One Worlder’s the ability to ‘cement’ their relationship with the Red Chinese through mutual dependency and subsequent trade practices.
> their ‘Social’ programs, as stated, simply galvanized their station at the expense of this country and the people’s of both nations become indentured servants without them having so much as a clue as to how they were being fleeced into becoming unwilling participants in their scheme.
> it’s kind of like a junkie on drugs- first the ‘dealer’ needs to get them hooked thereby insuring their dependency and ultimately, once hooked, providing them with only enough drugs in order for them to sustain themselves in order to keep them in check in order to do their bidding.
> why do you think Bernanke went with Federal officials to China?
> Bernanke is the Chairman of the Federal Reserve System- a System that has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!  they are merely private bankers who control this country’s Banking System who print money and control the dynamics of this nation, thanks to Woodrow Wilson who shoved this down our throats in 1913 during Christmas recess much like Pelosi’s HealthCare Bill.
> they, the ‘Federal Reserve System’ has NEVER been audited- NOT once!….and yet they set the monetary policy of this Nation that controls every aspect of the human endeavor up to and including how many people work at a given time.

> they are this country’s Central Bank and work in close consort with most other nation’s Central Bank’s.
> War’s become too expensive, especially when you have to re-build a country for it takes many years in which to ‘re-develop’ its infrastructure & overcome the natural hatred realized from those people’s whose asses you just killed.  It takes generation’s whereas controlling the World Market by eliminating those ‘natural’ sovereigns & ‘problems’ is a much faster way of inducing ‘international drug dependency’.  Control the international money flow and you control everything.  Once an international currency is introduced, most problems can be ‘dealt’ with via an international army and police force… ever hear of the United Nations?  How many I wonder remember those UN commercials of about 30 years ago in which such an International Army was being depicted?
> do you still believe this to be the simple machinations of a mis-guided group of people?
> look at the social dependency structure within the US at present and the impact it has had and tell me if we Confederates are wrong.  More than 50% of people within this country do NOT pay a dime in taxes and what is this Federal Government thinking of doing- introducing a Valued Added Tax (known as VAT) that is nothing more than a National Sales Tax to continue to support the Nanny State at YOUR expense.
This is NOT insanity!  It is enslavement by design, scripted and written through various laws and over these last 145 years beginning at the conclusion of The War For Southern Independence in 1865!
> If the Feds really represented you, all they would have to do in order to restore this Constitutional Republic to its People would be to PASS ONE SIMPLE LAW- THE ELIMINATION OF SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS IN WASHINGTON!  That means they would have to represent and work for YOU for their very survival would depend on it!
> Now y’all don’t need to be a phi-beta kappa to figure that one out, do you?   And how about a flat tax that EVERYONE would have to pay rather than Income Tax? In this manner, EVERYONE HAS SOME ‘SKIN’ IN THE GAME AND NOT JUST 50% OF US.  Now what’s so difficult about that……just like keeping our borders secure?
Does anyone still think we Confederates are a group of yahoo’s…..or are we very much on target and have been ever since we decided to go our own way peaceably in 1860 because we saw what was coming and wanted NO part of it THEN or NOW!
> Y’ALL DON’T NEED TO BE A POLITICAL SCIENCE MAJOR TO SEE THE FOREST FROM THE TREE’S.  Common sense and God’s given logic is there for anyone with an ounce of courage and an ability to read and understand what was lost back then and what has been going on ever since.

> Reconstruction said it all beginning in 1865 after the War!  What gave the Feds the right to Reconstruct the Southern States in THEIR image?  NO-ONE !

> So what do you think they have been doing to this country ever since 1865- Reconstructing EVERYONE over time while systematically controlling education and thereby revising history to their own liking & accord for without any left to question their authority, the road ahead to their One World, New World Order is clear and un-obstructed.
Thanks to the Society’s Resident Historian, Al Benson, for sending us these video’s.
When the South Lost, so Too did this Entire Nation, but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time!
ALL Roads Lead to 1865!
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America
PS- Will YOU Join us as Members Now?

PPS- Now can YOU understand why the Feds will NOT protect our Southern Border or why every immigrant is catered too while natural Americans have become second class citizen’s?  Separation is tantamount to survival and will guarantee a Return to a Constitutional Republic.  The RESTORATION of the legal Government of the South, The Confederate States of America will secure that position for one and all!  Now perhaps YOU can appreciate the reason why President Davis NEVER surrendered our legal Confederate Government to these Federals.