From: Badalli Fred –
Date: Sun, Jul 18, 2010
Subject: Secession Solution

Mr. Edgerton,

I’m a fan! If American Black folks knew what I know about the "Civil" War, they too would have fought for the South and worked to reform it afterwards!




Ladies & Gentlemen,

Since July 4th symbolizes the thirteen American colonies demanding their Secession and independence from Great Britain, it is a significant date to offer this peaceful, pro liberty Secession Solution to America’s many socio-economic problems of which peaceful Secession is the valid means by which to achieve much more needed social and economic Liberty. I view Secession as taking the 10th Amendment to its logical conclusion, as it states, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people". In fact, Thomas Jefferson acknowledged that he could foresee the U.S. breaking up into several Republics and he wished them well. I must agree with Jefferson because I see Washington DC as an irreversible cesspool of corruption, massive debt and waste regardless of which party is in office.

The Federal Welfare-Warfare State continues to further bankrupt "our" nation. Therefore, it is time for us to demand independence and separation from Washington DC. After all, the States created the federal government, not the other way around. As we know, Washington DC remains out of control and out of touch with the people. Yet, ironically enough, Washington DC which we seek a divorce from, has supported Secession & separation across the globe: Taiwan, South Korea, South Viet Nam, Eastern Europe and Kosovo.

Secession does not mean war and it certainly must oppose trade barriers between states, territories and nations. It means that newly seceded states or territories self-govern and self-finance. All newly seceded states must pay for and maintain their own public works.

I recommend a new country of Liberty, Property & Peace having a mixture of the real world examples of the Free Markets of Kong Kong, the self-governing Swiss Canton system and the social tolerance of Holland included in a strictly limited Constitutional Republic that obeys its Constitution and respects and protects Individual rights.

The Washington DC of today, without any Constitutional authority and against the will of the people, continues to push war, bailouts, corporate welfare, crony "capitalism", corporate socialism, political correctness, HUGE deficits, inflation, big taxes, massive over regulation and a tragic, unconstitutional, interventionist, unchanging, status quo foreign policy.

When we look at our troubled nation we can easily see that each and every state already has: a legislature, courts, judges, policemen, firemen, national guard units and militias, jails, prisons, roads, utility companies, interstate highways, buses, trains, airports, hospitals, churches, banks, credit unions, insurance companies, newspapers, the internet, TV stations, radio stations, libraries, schools, universities, museums, landfills, recycling centers, day care centers, retirement homes, parks, golf courses, tennis courts, sports complexes, farms, supermarkets, pharmacies, malls, theaters, factories, numerous types of businesses and services, all types of charities and much, much more…

Every state already has Departments of Commerce, Health, Education, Agriculture, Transportation, Environmental and more. Why are we wasting billions for the same federal agencies?

Newly seceded states will not have a huge unrestricted central government stirring up international trouble. There will be no empire or nation building and no troops stationed throughout the world. There will be no out of control, endlessly expanding Military-Industrial-Congressional -Complex which sees opportunity in endless civil wars and conflicts throughout the world.

US citizens from any other states and foreigners who already own property and businesses in newly seceded states will not have their property or businesses threatened or disturbed. U.S. citizens from states who have not left the union are free to come and go, to work, to reside, to buy property and to invest. Roads, bridges, power lines, railroad tracks, and radio and TV towers will not be disturbed.

The following conditions and details for a new Constitution do not violate anyone’s Constitutional rights, their property rights, their civil rights or their human rights, nor do they seek to further tax, regulate or disarm anyone(violent criminals excepted). The new Constitution would have in place a method to amend it as proscribed by law. I also offer these new constitution principles, rules and ideals to the Tea Party.

In the mean time, as we move towards Secession, all current states must Nullify most if not all endlessly enacted federal laws.

The following principles, rules and severe restrictions on government power would be contained in a new Constitution and Bill of Rights for a strictly limited government Republic which is somewhat similar to the U.S. Constitution, yet also including sound economics with the Ethics of Liberty at its center core, while always promoting social tolerance and personal responsibility:


Free speech, free press, religious freedom, freedom from illegal search and seizure, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, freedom of contract, strong gun ownership rights, fully informed juries, term limits across the board(no career politicians and bureaucrats), civil unions for same sex couples, abortion remains legal with absolutely NO tax funding and NO partial birth abortions, the terminally ill are free to use any medication they choose and to make their own decisions in writing and/or on video as to when and how to leave our world.

NO government regulation or censorship of the internet.

NO draft registration NO conscription, NO drug war, NO torture,

NO victimless crime laws, NO persecution of holistic-alternative medicine,

NO affirmative action, NO government-enforced political "correctness".

NO judges appointed for life. NO government-imposed travel restrictions.

NO government suspension of Civil & Economic Liberties in times of "crisis".

Liberty for all, special privileges for none.


Our economic system is not pro business per se, but rather pro Free Enterprise which prohibits the blurring of the line between industry and government.

The market is a constant discovery process with the Entrepreneur as the central, creative, driving force of society.

The first economic duty of a government is to preserve and protect a true, honest and competitive Free Market Economy which will flourish and promote diverse Entrepreneurship in an atmosphere of micro taxes and micro regulations with:

NO Central Bank

NO barriers to market entry

NO government interference with free trade

NO tax-funded bailouts

NO bank is too big to fail

NO business is too big to fail

NO government ownership of bankrupt businesses

NO monopolistic political privilege for industry and labor

NO tax-funded subsidies for business and labor

NO monopolistic political privilege for doctors and lawyers

NO government fixing of wages and prices

NO crony "capitalism"

NO corporate welfare

NO corporate socialism

NO state capitalism

NO Hemp prohibition

NO protectionism

NO mandatory union membership

NO tax-funded farm welfare

NO tax-funded sports welfare

NO tax-funded science welfare

NO tax-funded arts welfare

NO government-owned and operated postal service

NO government-enforced FDA-AMA-Pharmaceutical Monopoly

NO persecution or harassment of alternative medicine

NO persecution or harassment of alternative energy

NO irresponsibility-encouraging government subsidized flood insurance

NO government-controlled mandatory health care

NO tax-funded foreign aid

NO government ownership of sports complexes, airports, convention centers, trains, radio or TV stations

Because it is their funds at risk to liability law suits, the Insurance Industry will play a larger role in regulating and inspecting its policyholders such as the oil industry, coal mines, utility companies, ocean shipping lines, hospitals, the airlines, cruise ships, trucking companies, manufacturers and many other industries.
A weakening of the current patent & copyright laws by at least 75%.  

Foreign investment is most welcome and secure.
We oppose World Government and any call for a fiat global currency.   NO government membership or political subservience to the UN, CFR,  World Bank, IMF, NATO, NAFTA, WTO, CAFTA, Export-Import Bank, EU or any other statist, mercantilist, tax-funded, Globalist schemes.


NO Central Bank, i.e. the Federal Reserve, which causes the economy’s boom and bust cycle through inflationary credit expansion caused by artificially lowering interest rates below market forces.

NO monopolistic legal tender laws.

NO endless supply of paper money created out of thin air and backed by nothing.

NO government-imposed fixed exchange rate between gold & silver.

NO taxes or government interference with the creation and supply of gold & silver currency or other currency-backing valuable commodities.

NO government confiscation or prohibition of gold & silver or any other commodities which are freely accepted in the competitive market place.

NO government interference with competing currencies.

NO government bailouts of foreign banks or any other foreign financial institutions.


All taxes must remain micro taxes.

There need be only enough tax revenue to fund what is listed in the new, strictly-limited Constitution.

Budgets must be balanced only by spending cuts with NO raising of taxes, NO government borrowing and NO printing money.

A Free Market in lotteries from anywhere.

A 2% excise tax on gambling, alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.
A 2% corporate tax.

Food, clothing, housing, cars and trucks are exempt from sales tax.
NO income taxes

NO withholding taxes

NO inheritance tax

NO taxes on interest income

NO estate taxes

NO death taxes

NO capital gains tax

NO taxes on retirement income

NO prohibitions to internet gambling

All states pay for their own public works.

User fees for roads, bridges and state parks.

All road and bridge fees go only towards their purpose and may not be used for schools, health care or any other non infrastructure purposes.

Voluntary taxes are accepted from any of those who care to pay more.

We ask our former federal government to honor all Social Security obligations or offer a lump sum buy out to current recipients.
There is no longer a mandatory government-funded social security system. All individuals are free to contribute to their own private retirement system of which many options will come into existence.

There are NO taxes on retirement income.


Education is far too important to be left up to monopolistic, socialistic, government-owned schools and their teachers’ unions to control, regulate and indoctrinate.

Private schools of all secular and religious types and sizes must be allowed to flourish anywhere and everywhere, free of government control. Home schooling will not be persecuted, harassed or prohibited. All schools must serve the needs of their customers, that is the parents and children.

Entrepreneurship is very good for education too.  Martial art schools and music schools continue to thrive in strip malls, and elsewhere, yet so could math and science schools, computer schools and English schools. Many other innovative education opportunities will develop. The former government schools would be leased as private schools. There will be more trade schools and technical schools.

Diet, nutrition, vitamin & mineral supplementation, exercise and holistic/alternative medicine(Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture and more) should be everyone’s first choice for health maintenance and illness prevention.

NO government harassment or persecution of holistic/alternative medicine

NO government harassment or persecution of holistic/alternative medicine producers and manufacturers of vitamins, minerals, equipment and machinery.

NO government-enforced FDA-AMA-Pharmaceutical Monopoly.

NO tax-supported health care and NO mandatory health insurance.

NO government-mandated requirements on health health insurance.
The purpose of health insurance is mainly for catastrophic purposes.

Tax Free Medical Savings Accounts become the norm. They are portable and if need be, medical insurance premiums may be paid from them.

Tort law reform and reform of outrageous jury awards, which contribute to higher health care costs and higher insurance premiums.

Physicians are free to publicly post and to clearly advertise that they "do not have malpractice insurance." Their customers enjoy lower costs.

NO government interference in purchasing insurance across state lines.

NO government interference or prohibition in purchases of foreign-made medicines.

NO government interference into the medication choices of the terminally ill. 

NO government interference into the wishes of the exit strategy of the terminally ill. 

NO mandatory vaccinations.

NO government interference in advertising by doctors and dentists.

Drug, alcohol and gambling addiction will be treated medically with education, prevention and compassion.

Charity and social welfare

Private charity is encouraged and necessary.

There is no government interference or harassment of private charity.  Soup kitchens, feeding the homeless, the less fortunate and caring for the sick are the duties of numerous charities and voluntary Dr. care including: churches, food banks, Goodwill, the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Rescue Missions, and numerous secular and religious charities including Christian charities, Muslim charities, Hindu charities, Jewish charities, Buddhist charities, agnostic charities, atheist charities and other private charities.

Our new economic system of micro taxes, micro regulations and no drug war will greatly lessen the number of poor and lower income people, while providing much more opportunity in a sea of hopelessness and despair.


NO gun control. NO gun confiscation.

Like credit checks, background checks and police reports would detect undesirable would be purchasers. There are few gun ownership restrictions except towards violent criminals or violent X felons. The use of firearms for other than sport, hunting or self-defense are subject to harsh prosecution and incarceration.  However, because there is no drug prohibition, no drug war and vastly increased employment opportunities, the incidence of violent gun crimes and murder will greatly decrease as will crime in general.


A Free Market in energy with a multi-pronged approach which includes: oil, gas, coal, nuclear, solar, wind and other developing technologies.

NO government subsidies to energy producers which only results in political privilege, corporate welfare, crony "capitalism" and more government-industry partnership boondoggles.
NO government-imposed damage liability caps.

NO government persecution or harassment of alternative energy.

Armed Neutrality, Free Trade and goodwill with all nations are the foundations of our foreign policy. Since there will be no endlessly growing centralized Warfare State, there will be no Empire or nation building and no tax-funded foreign aid.  All seceding states maintain a common defense and each seceding state’s national guard and air national guard becomes it’s own defense force and all coast guard ships stationed at coastal seceding states become that state’s Coast Guard.

NO political or military intervention into the affairs of foreign countries.

NO stationing troops throughout the world

NO draft registration

NO conscription
NASA facilities will not be disturbed but no longer funded by seceding states.
NO tax-funded space program.
NO government interference with private sector space exploration.


Amtrak trains may run through our states undisturbed, we will pay to ride them, but our states send no taxes to Washington to subsidize Amtrak.


Pollution is essentially a scientific problem requiring numerous, diverse technologies, innovations, inventions, ideas and improvements of existing technologies.
Strict liability applied to polluters through tort law and property rights.

NO government protection of special interest group polluters.

NO government-enforced limits on polluters’ liability.
NO harassment or persecution of alternative pollution technology and environmental protection technology.


Very narrowly defined conditions of eminent domain which apply mainly to roads and bridges, power lines, utilities and railroad tracks.
Private property may never be taken from its rightful owners and given unethically to other private owners and/or private developers regardless of compensation.

English is the official language. All government documents and all road signage are written in English.

U.S. citizens from states that have not seceded may come and go, work, own property, reside and invest without government harassment.
All immigrants must pass through a legal immigration process.

An effective guest worker program must be established.

Since there is no government Welfare State, illegal immigrants cannot receive free health care or free education and there are no anchor babies.


To more readily achieve our newly seceded nation or nation states, I suggest that the 11 Southern States who first seceded should lead the way through Nullification followed by peaceful Secession based on the new Constitution’s principles, rules and conditions as listed above.

Other issues and problems will always be addressed with a pro market, pro individual rights, limited government methodology.

Since change is the only constant, our new nation with its true Free Market Economy and its sound monetary system will more readily adapt to technology, innovation, foreign trade and foreign competition. We will be on the competitive cutting edge, with no government interference in the market system and the monetary system.

Liberty for all and special privileges for none.

Secession is good. Secession is right. Secession works.

Happy 4th of July,


P.S. to those who would say that Secession based upon the above new Constitution is unworkable, I pose this hypothetical question: IF you did have the choice of remaining in the U.S. as it currently is or you could live in this new Constitutional Republic, which would you choose?