US Secession Movements in the Public Eye



Following the Second North American Secession Convention and the League of the South National Conference, both held in Chattanooga last week, secession has finally come into the mainstream public eye.

Below is Glenn Beck’s take on the coming together of what seems an unlikely friendship, that of liberal Vermonters and traditional Southerners, all for the purpose of talking secession from these United States:

Dr. Hill was called on to do literally dozens of interviews last week. We need to ride this media wave as far as it will take us. Americans in general, and Southerners in particular, are increasingly frustrated with the regime in Washington and are beginning to actively look for an answer. We must be there to show them the only possible way, secession.

At our next chapter meeting—coming up Saturday, 20 October—we’ll watch a DVD of one of the speeches from the Conference. Plan now to attend, as I’ll be giving a full report as well as announcing some new initiatives and tactics for the coming months.

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