From: Billy Price
To: Leada Gore
On the matter of Southern states seceding & creating a country called Reagan. To begin with this is exactly what the 13 original American colonies did when they seceded from England to gain independence, more freedom & local control of their affairs.
For those who think the South cannot stand on its own, if the South were its own country today it would have the world’s 4th largest economy etc. Also, most states are larger than most European countries so, yes they are more than capable of running their own affairs.
I do think the choice to secede should be extended to all 50 states & they should be allowed to vote on it. Vermont has secession movement going to create a liberal empire, if this is what they want I`m all for them even though I am not a liberal.
Actually according to the Tenth Amendment Center (google it) about 25 – 28 states have secession movements at various stages of this process. The old cliché is true, yes the South did lose the Civil War but, are all 50 states happy with what they have for a national government & the direction they are leading in in today?
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama