Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ed Sebesta unveils his Anti-Confederate flag

Gotta hand it to Ed Sebesta. With the creation of his copyrighted "Anti-Confederate" flag, he has clearly reached new heights of — something. Here’s his post unveiling this latest creation. Visitors will agree this is exactly the kind of work we’ve come to expect from one of the left’s most prolific and creative minds.

In the post, Sebesta lists his seven criteria for designing flags, then congratulates himself for having met all of them. Problem is, he forgot Flag Design Rule Number One, which says, "Do not create a design that induces migraines." Can you imagine this thing undulating in the wind? It would send hundreds into seizures, stunt the growth of livestock, and probably bring down small aircraft.

If you do visit Sebesta’s site, you’ll see that no comments are allowed. That prevents facts from getting in the way of the anti-white, anti-Southern dogma he writes.

But back to the "Anti-Confederate Flag." My secret spy at the Crawfish Compound sent me the drawing that Sebesta based his flag on. I’m not saying he copied it, but let’s just say there may be some copyright infringement issues he needs to work out with the estate of Charles Schultz:

On The Web:  www.dixienet.org/rebellion/2009/05/ed-sebesta-unveils-his-anti-confederate.html