SCVers getting Ruthless
RE: Johnny Rebs blame/thank Dan Ruth for the giant Confederate flag
Creative Loafing Tampa, FL
I sincerely hope every reader recognizes efforts like this as historic — and the FL SCV’s MO impeccable. The flag, the sign, the park amount to prime dialectics and deluxe First Amendment maintenance. A normal reaction to this kind of news is to feel like a 6-year-old kid on Christmas morning — that life is miraculously good!
That’s how it makes me feel — seeing people meet dialectic challenges with such CREATIVITY and APLOMB amidst such CLASS AND DIGNITY is like a Christmas stocking full of great gewgaws. (You who were brought up right without the Santa Claus lie, you just can’t imagine it!) The system attempts to tear off another chunk of our heritage (as with the removal of key emblems by various state governments)…….. but the people’s response is to raise bigger, far more prominent and permanent C-flags where they’ll virtually define those states all over again!
Really, the politicians should have read the story of the Tar Baby little closer instead of throwing Uncle Remus out with Song of the South and Carry me Back to Old Virginny. But of course they would never have gotten the message in a million years — it’s literally against their religion. The icing of the cake is that liberals always unwittingly make their own tar babies out of other people’s stuff!
This flag project and the classically Southern spirit it evidences are not mere politics or culture war. They’re deeply meaningful and spiritual. It’s polite and reasonable but smashing defiance to all who would disenfranchise and deracinate us. My only hope is that it means as much to our own ranks as to our enemies….. and to them, of course, it’s like their main cultural offensive of the last ten years going up in smoke. They’ll fight on with their usual rigor mortis, but they know they’re only trying to impress themselves and each other anymore.