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By Sandi P. Beason

HOUSTON – Just hours after gaining supervisors’ approval, the Sons of Confederate Veterans installed their long-awaited, controversial monument on the Houston courthouse lawn.

"They got there at 3:30 (Monday afternoon) and got the base down," said David Horn, SCV camp commander. "When we got the obelisk of the top part of the monument, the clock struck 5 p.m. We thought that was kind of prophetic."

Earlier in the day, the Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 to approve the monument, which voters also had supported in a nonbinding referendum Nov. 2.

Columbus Marbleworks made and installed the monument honoring Chickasaw County men who fought in the Civil War, he said. At first, the SCV wanted to wait until Tuesday to place the monument, but members were concerned about actions that might be taken by an opposition citizens group.

"We heard they might file some kind of court thing or get an injunction," Horn said. "I said we’d better go ahead and put it up. It would be best to strike while the iron is hot and go ahead."

Horn said he thought the group opposing the monument would be so psychologically devastated by supervisors’ allowing the monument that it would take them a while to get reorganized.

Thomas Guido, spokesman for that opposition, said his group met Monday night at the Buena Vista Volunteer Fire Department and will meet again Thursday.

He did not say whether the group, which termed the monument offensive and did not belong on public property, had formulated an action plan.

"There is nothing they can do from a legal point of view," Horn said. "This has been approved by voters. Whatever people vote to do is pretty strong. Not too many people want to run afoul of what the voters want."

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