Ellis Eskew
WDEF-TV News 12
Jan 18, 2005

Sons of Confederate Veterans salute the confederate flag in Trenton. It’s a symbol of the history of the area and very much a part of who these men are.

Freddie Parris/ Sons Of Confederate Veterans "it was a banner county of the confederacy, so that’s what our flag does, honor our southern heritage."

When Georgia’s then Governor Roy Barnes took down the confederate symboled state flag in 2001, the city of Trenton adopted it as their own. Not too long after that things changed in the city.

Trenton Mayor Anthony Emanuel ordered the flag to come down off city hall about a year ago because of the controversial confederate emblem it has on it. But the Sons of Confederate Veterans say that emblem belongs up there.

Parris says "The St. Andrews cross represented the soldiers. It’s a soldiers flag… That’s what we’re honoring here."

At Tuesday night’s meeting, the men discussed ways to get the flag back.

Parris says "our duty is get the word out about this to call the Mayor, call the commissioners and let them know we want to keep our flag. Leave it alone."

The Sons of Confederate Veterans will be sending flyers out along with newspaper advertisements within in the next few weeks. They say they want to let Trenton residents know how to protect what they call their heritage.

Trenton city council will vote on what becomes of the city flag at its next meeting Monday, February 7th.

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