From: Sons of Confederate Veterans <>
Subject: SCV Telegraph-NASCAR
Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2009, 11:00 PM

Greetings Compatriots,

I am sure most of you are aware of the problems we have had with NASCAR and their positions over the years regarding the Confederate Flag. Several years ago there was an attempt by the SCV to sponsor a car which was refused. NASCAR eventually imposed a ban on the flag in any way they could as they tried to build a larger fan base, which did not work. Over the years members of, and the SCV itself have conducted protests and the like to make our displeasure known to NASCAR. Until now they have stood pat.

That is now going to change. During SpeedWeek at Daytona there will be a NASCAR sanctioned race with a sanctioned car bearing the logo of the SCV and our contact information on the hood and quarter panels! The team that will carry the colors is the legendary Foyt Racing inc.

The race is the Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200. This is a race in the ARCA Re/Max series. This is run on Saturday with the 500 being the next day on the same track. Last year this race had a viewer ship of 1.1million households. It will air at 4pm ET February 7th on the Speed Channel, which is carried by Direct TV among others.

There is an opportunity for members to be more involved. A sponsorship entitles us a few premier VIP passes. We have decided that the best course to take with these is to give members a chance to use them and raise some money to offset the costs. Here is what is available and the donation asked for. These amounts are far less than their market value.

6 VIP Credentials for the Slick Mist 200 in which the SCV car will run $400 each
4 VIP Hot Passes for all of SpeedWeek $1000 each
(Valid for the full week beginning with the Bud Shoot Out and concluding with the Daytona 500)

A VIP pass gets you down on the field with tours and access to the teams. Of course there is always a catch. In this case the catch is you have do it NOW. We have run a very time constricted operation and the folks with Foyt and NASCAR the need names by 5pm Thursday, January 29th. We did not learn of this opportunity until Friday and had to submit our Logo and mission statement to NASCAR for approval, which we got on Tuesday afternoon. The final deal was not done until late Wednesday, today.

So- if you want some or all of these VIP passes you will need to call HQ on the 29th and be able to provide payment and the information NASCAR needs to process the passes and credentials.
If you have questions they can answer them for you at HQ.

Much credit goes to Foyt Racing for their willingness to take this on. Especially to Larry Foyt who committed to doing a joint press conference with us to denounce the decision of NASCAR if they had turned us down.

Please join me in offering congratulations to our Lt CiC Michael Givens! He was the one who found this opportunity for us and worked the deal.

And so my brothers!- tune in, record or do both at 4pm ET Saturday February 7th watch our logo, and hence the Confederate Battle Flag fly around the track at the Daytona International Speedway!

Happy Motoring!
Chuck McMichael