SCV-SUV Combination Camp

James King wrote:

<< Today the Northern liberal socialists that own Hollywood, newspapers, and TV (the mass media) are working to destroy the White Christian South (cultural sectional genocide). Read Frank Conner’s book "The South Under Siege 1830-2000". >>


Mr. King,

Your post is rich in facts and common sense, especially concerning the two diametrically opposed perspectives on the consequences of the war — in one case, the nation of the Founders was destroyed, whereas in the other, the nation was "saved." Well put.

However, I’d question your closed case when it comes to just who is destroying the nation today. Do you really limit it to "northern liberal socialists," considering the hearty job being done by the Bible Belt crowd? There’s not much hope to be found in the loyal, blind commitment of those who twice elected the globalizing creatures who now run Washington and are spreading our troops around the world where they don’t belong, promoting open borders, and acting as tools of traitorous corporate executives who will eventually put an end to our national sovereignty. The millions of southerners who kneel at the altar of the current commercial oligarchy do not offer much of a future for those "unreconstructed" southern principles you speak of.

I would certainly not dare speak for Frank O’Connor, but I’m pretty sure I’ve read essays by him that include references to the enemies of the South who are born and bred in the South. Mike Tuggle does a terrific job of turning the spotlight on such people.

There was a time when I could neatly say "those guys over there are the Good Guys and those over there are the Bad Guys." Would that things still worked that way. Over the last half dozen years, we’ve learned that the good and bad guys are dispersed — some in the North and some in the South. And let’s not forget the West.

And can we really be so certain in 2006 just who is in charge of the mass media? From the treatment of the Dixie Chicks by people across the board, who appeared fearful of displaying favorable feelings even towards their music, one wonders. Were these people afraid of angering liberals, or were they afraid of the rightwing? I find myself wondering about this "liberal" cabal. Who’s afraid of whom?

Elizabeth Wright

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