JJJr.  SCV stands like a stone wall Again!
From: fofoml@juno.com

Will we see the SCV take advantage of Jesse Jr. going off to jail, or once again stand by as the chance to correct the dis-service he has done to the National Parks, and his "It’s all about slavery", socialism agenda.
Also see link near bottom that says in part———–
Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. understands very well what Southern heritage is all about, and what it would mean to eliminate it. The Southern political tradition is opposed to big government. It is opposed to socialism. If you want socialism, if you want the government to act as an armed nursemaid for the entire population, and provide for them from cradle to grave, then Southern culture and tradition most certainly stand in your way. It’s what Alexander Stephens once said, "The Cause of the South is the Cause of us all." And he was right. If leftists like Jackson and Obama have their way, Lincoln’s Revolution will be brought to its natural conclusion, which Jesse Jackson tells us means the redefining of the Constitution, and the redefinition of America.
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