Jefferson Davis remembered by Sons of the Confederate Veterans

Apr 24, 2010
By Jessica Bowman

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) – A new $100,000 statue now sits on the grounds of Beauvoir.

Chuck McMichael said, "In the name of the Sons of Confederate Veterans of all the people of the south of all the people of good conscience and righteousness throughout the world, we dedicate this statue of Jefferson Davis."

Southern tradition lives on as many bring the confederate heritage back to life.

"That it may stand as eternal testament to a duty well done," said Chuck McMichael.

The President of the Confederate State’s of America’s legacy lives on, as this statue made of cast iron stands tall at its new home.

Brag Bowling, a national board member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans said he wanted the statue to portray the kind of man Jefferson Davis was.

"This really humanizes Jefferson Davis, tells a story which isn’t really told very often," said Bowling.

There are two young children standing next to Davis with arms linked. One of the children was rescued by Davis’ wife during the war."

Bowling said, "Jim Limber, the black child being beaten up and pushed around by an older man, and she hopped out of the carriage and pushed him away and grabbed Jim Limber and took him home where he became a functional member of the Davis household."

Chuck McMichael said, "Well, in the south, we know it takes a family to raise a child, and that’s what Jefferson Davis was willing to do."

Rick Forte said, "The other child on his left is his son, Joseph Davis. He fell off the balcony of the Confederate White House and was killed during the war."

Bowling said this $100,000 statue symbolizes more than history.

Bowling said, "It wasn’t about slavery. It was about freedom, and the Jefferson Davis statue symbolizes freedom."

A Presidential Library is currently being built on Beauvoir’s property. Once it is complete the statue will stand welcoming guests.

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