Sons of Confederate Veterans   
May 30, 2014    

(ATLANTA – May 30, 2014)  The figures are just now beginning to come in from the Georgia Department of Revenue, but already sales of the new specialty license plate featuring the Confederate battle flag are setting record numbers.

The newly designed plate for the Sons of Confederate Veterans just became available in February, followed by a national media frenzy over the new design which so prominently features the battle flag across the entire length of the plate.  Some members of the media, as well as leaders of groups who oppose Southern heritage, attempted to dismiss the specialty plate back in February saying that it would not attain much success among Georgia drivers, especially considering the increased tag fees for specialty plates added by the state of Georgia in recent years.  The numbers that are now coming in from February and March, however, tell a much different story.

Sales of the SCV plate in February were up 175 percent over January, and March sales were double those in January.  In all, nearly 500 of the plates were sold in Georgia during the month of March alone according to the Department of Revenue.  The number of Georgia vehicles bearing the Confederate battle flag continue to grow in spite of the predictions of its naysayers to the contrary.  At the current rate, it is likely that more than 5,000 of the plates will be traveling on Georgia roads by the end of the year.

Georgia SCV Division Adjutant Tim Pilgrim reports that this is the highest number of specialty plates sold since well before the state raised the cost to motorists by more than double the original rate.  Yet, in spite of the spike in cost for the plate, more and more Georgians are requesting it every week, making it the only specialty plate in Georgia to have seen an actual increase in sales since the new fees went into effect in the last few years.

The increased interest in the plate has even led to confrontations with county tag office employees in several counties around the state who temporarily refused to allow the purchase of the plate by individuals requesting it.  Some tag office employees were reportedly telling those who requested it that they must be members of the organization in order to have the plate, which is not the case in Georgia.  Other tag office employees in at least one county told motorists that a "final" decision on allowing the plate had not yet been made so they could not offer it.  Members of the SCV immediately moved to clear up these issues with each of the local tag offices who were in violation of state law and all have now complied, albeit some reluctantly.

The surge in sales of the SCV license plate, especially in light of the opposition to it, demonstrate a growing support for Southern heritage in Georgia and a stiffening of resistance among the population at large to the never-ending demands of political correctness.

For more information about the Sons of Confederate Veterans or the sale of SCV license plates in Georgia, please call 404.271.8473 or contact the Georgia Division SCV online at