On Tuesday August 8, 2006, at the request of South Carolina State Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Commander, Randy Burbage, adorned in the glorious uniform of our ancestors, I traveled to the Capitol in Columbia, S.C. where I would stand with the Battle Flag flying in support with my compatriots opposition to the 1st amendment violation of their right to display a contracted billboard on US Highway 52 into Darlington, S.C.. It appears that NASCAR has raised it’s anti Southern bigotry head again as it continues it’s planned modus operandi to rid the racing scene of any vestiges of our Southern Cross.

I would continue on to Darlington where god fearing Southerners had bred life into the racing venue called NASCAR. A place where the Confederate Battle Flag could proudly call home. Now in the aftermath of the continuing reconstruction agenda aimed at punishing those of us who are Southern, scalawags like NASCAR’s Chief Executive Officer, Brian France and it’s President Mike Helton have climbed on the band wagon of traitors, of those like Dale Earnhart Jr. whose very existence was bought and paid for by these same honorable flag waving people. The message on that board should resonate loud in the Black communities all over the South as they watch all that land given so many of their family members by the relatives of these flag wavers being seized by illicit taxation and condemnation procedures and redistributed to the sons of the enemies of those he called family and had fought so bravely with waving the same flag that he too called his; our father who art in heaven being snatched from the mouths of their youth, no more, no sir , yes sir , thank you mam. please, no more business ownership, only homelessness, drugs and thugs who call themselves gangs, the new slaves called illegal yet who can vote; none of these things that make them Southern. They too should join with their Southern family as their ancestors did to preserve all the things that do truly make us Southern, and what better place to begin than by joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans. In the words of Ms. Nobe, a mighty fine Black lady who stepped outside the Black Church situated across the street from the Confederate monument where the second press conference dealing with the billboard had taken place, after viewing a picture of it in the Palmetto Partisan Sons of Confederate Veterans Newsletter; I don’t find a thing offensive about it, especially since Darlington had it’s very own Black Confederate Veterans to be proud of . I knew that she did not jest for the curator at the Darlington County Historical Commission (Ms Marry Ann, a super fine Southern Lady) had just provided me with a copy of those Black Confederates from Darlington County who had received Confederate pensions and a wealth of other information about Black’s who had honorable served the Confederate cause. I am heartfelt thankful for Commander Burbage and the men of the South Carolina Sons who made it possible for me to stand with them for such a noble cause.