The SCV is no longer on Goodsearch
Several months ago it was announced that the SCV had registered with Goodsearch as a way our members could raise funds by using the internet for information searches, making purchases and taking surveys.  The SCV was making good progress with approximately 200 Compatriots having registered and actively using the site. Recently our account was deactivated without any notice to General Headquarters. GHQ made a formal inquiry on January 11, 2014  and in about a week received an unsigned letter stating that Goodsearch’s contract with charities allowed them to cease any relationship without notice or cause.  The SCV did receive a check for the $179.97 which had been earned by the membership.  It turns out Goodsearch is co-owned by a host on MSNBC; thus, it is easy to assume what happened. Anyone who may retain a Goodsearch account will want to cancel it as the SCV will not receive any benefit. 
The good news is there a new site which actually has more online options. It is called You may sign up using the link below. It is also recommended to download the iGive Button to ensure we get credit for the sites you use. Onward!