Dear SHNV Friends,
Most of you know that I served as Chaplain for the Virginia Division of SCV for six years and before that as Chaplain for six years for the Virginia State MOS&B. I do love SCV and all that it truly stands for and should be standing for.  Oops !  Let me explain . . .
I do love SCV, but SCV is slow to mature in modernity’s egalitarian culture. Until a few years ago there were very few of us, and most of us were very reconstructed even though we still felt the worst thing that could happen to our family would be for one of our children to marry a yankee.
Southerners will “loved Dixie”, but had become radical American nationalists to the point of even volunteering to serve in the empire’s military and willingly placing our children in the tender and merciless hands of the government school systems about which we continually whine.
We do that because most of us do not have enough money to place our children in our church schools and feel it is too inconvenient to home school them. This is a huge mistake that has resulted in our voluntarily delivering the minds and souls of our children over to the enemies of our religious faith, freedom and liberty. We enter the military largely because jobs are scarce and so many of us can’t afford college for our children.
Some of us were hung by the thumbs and blocked from being SCV officers because we refused to "Swallow the Dog (say the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance)” at SCV meetings. Only our State flags and various Confederate should be seen at our meetings and Reunions. If we cannot resist and fight subjugation with cannon and bayonet, then we should at least become American Dissidents in the cause of our ancestors ! The South needs three things . . .
1) to remember who we are (in some cases who our ancestors were)
2) true education and not the bilge taught in government schools indoctrination classes, and
3) a stronger backbone to continue resistance to a government more centralized and more tyrannical than the government was under Adolf Lincoln..
Only the most radically reconstructed among us were saying the U.S. Pledge thinking this was a sign of good Southern Patriotism. These are all actions often taken by disenfranchised elements of a country in the attempt to make themselves look truly American to the ruling government and our community of States. We need to get over this.
No matter how long we hang on the cross of eternal repentance, American radical nationalists and egalitarians will still think that the only problem with the U.S. War to Prevent Southern Independence was that Lincoln and his bullies failed to kill enough of us. We need to stop trying to be good little "Americans", and focus on our States’ regional cultures and our distinctive qualities that so infuriate the enemies of the Christian church, freedom and liberty.
God will Restore and God will Vindicate.
Timothy D. Manning, Sr., M.Div
Executive Director
160 Longbridge Drive
Kernersville, North Carolina 27284
Phone: (336) 420-5355