SCV should learn from the NRA!!!!
SCV members…
Interesting, in Texas, after 4 years over a fight about license plates, the SCV lost again.  They spent about 10,000 dollars for the battle in the Courts, and lost.
Now, look at the NRA.  When gun control legislation came up, did the NRA say, "Well, the Second Amendment will protect us so we will sit home, not fight the legislation in the halls of Congress, but instead we will go to the Supreme Court after they pass bad law."?
No…they did not!  They marshaled their members and fought the war in the halls of Congress.  They worked the halls and pressured Senators.  They were effective enough to swing 4 Democrat votes.  Had those Democrats gone with their party, gun control would pass.  But…nope.  Those Democrats had to worry about votes at home!
This is the lesson for the SCV.  This is what I spoke about to the point of being thrown out of the SCV.  In that process I learned that "freedom of speech" does not exist in the SCV.  I learned the grannies use the need to be "friendly" to undo the Charge.
Well, here we are.  I told you I would vote against the Court case!  I did.
The lessons are there for you to learn.  If you prefer Tea’s, and re-enactments, and parades…than stop with the Charge. Change it.  Swear that you will do the tough work of social gatherings, but stop swearing you will VINDICATE THE CAUSE, that you will perpetuate values.
Your leadership has betrayed you. I have seen it first hand in Texas, and have heard of it from SCV members across the South.
If you want to win, you have to fight…NOT IN THE COURTS, but in the halls of elected officials.
The fellas in Palestine Texas are doing an excellent job… but the fight there is bigger.  They need to talk to the elected in their towns and county.  They need to make the elected officials hear from them, and see them.  If you really want to change how the South is treated…learn from those who get government to do what they want.
Mark Vogl