Tuesday, March 6, 2007
Elm Springs, Tennessee

"The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) regrets hearing the news of the departure of the Chief Executive of the NAACP, Bruce S. Gordon." said Christopher M. Sullivan, Commander in Chief of the SCV.

Continuing, Sullivan said "We had high hopes of seeing a strong businesslike approach to the concerns of the rank and file black person in America today. We believe Mr. Gordon represented that philosophy. Unfortunately, it appears as the power structure in the NAACP wants to continue a program enunciated in the early nineties which emphasizes defamation of symbols while ignoring issues of substance."

According to press reports "Gordon cited strain with board members over management style and future operations."

Gordon said "I believe that any organization is going to be effective if the board and the CEO are aligned. I don’t believe we are aligned."

Commander Sullivan said "It is obvious to all close observers that Mr. Gordon was trying to direct the NAACP away from ineffective boycotts like they are engaged in South Carolina, which have had little economic impact except negative effect on black business owners. The NAACP program of removing monuments and attempting to revise or eliminate American history dishonors the heritage of all Americans, including those blacks who served honorably in various roles for the Confederate States of America"

Mr. Gordon stated "While the NAACP is an advocacy organization, it needs to be more focused on service and finding solutions."

"We in the Sons of Confederate Veterans agree. We are concerned about the well being of all of the citizens of the United States, especially the South. We believe the role of the NAACP would be better served working toward improved education solutions to improve all opportunities for progress in the high percentage of failing students. We believe soaring teenage pregnancy is a priority along with increasing crime and runaway drug use in certain demographic areas. In this regard, rather than feuding over symbolism, we would welcome working with enlightened leadership in the NAACP toward the type constructive programs Mr. Gordon embraced," Sullivan said.

Concluding, Commander Sullivan said "Both the NAACP and the SCV can uphold our heritage and our advocacy for it, without compromise. We can both work toward more meaningful needed programs for all society. With leadership like Mr. Gordon tried to furnish, we had hopes for businesslike progress within the NAACP after more than a decade of unecessary programs of divisiveness."

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