Taylorsville Appeal Committee -School Board ;SCV Magazine in School Libraries

On October 24, 2005, I traveled to Taylorsville, N.C., where at the invitation of the Rocky Face Rangers Camp 1948, I would along with their Division and Camp Commanders would testify for approximately 5 minutes of the time allotted to each of us before an appeals committee of the School Board on the fate of the Sons magazine being placed in the public school libraries or media centers within the city.

While 5 minutes is not adequate time to espouse upon our maligned heritage ; the opportunity to dialogue with the committee chair, members of the committee, and the Associate Superintendent afterward; I hope to be fruitful.

I have little doubt now that the biggest problem that we face in the education arena is that our entire population has been dumbed down of significant truths of our history and heritage. Far too many liberal Southern Christian white folks who feel so bad about the institution of slavery here in the South, and have no knowledge of the true body politic of that institution, or the super humanitarian deeds provided for that African which enabled him to survive the terror wreaked upon him by his so called liberator of the North.

Fear that truths would be told to our children was clearly in the rhetoric of the School Superintendent. He tried to justify not allowing the Confederate Veteran magazine in the school because he did not want the schools to become a stage for organizations like ours to shape the children’s minds. Sometimes poppycock does not merit comment. He did admit that there had been no flurry of public comment against or for the magazine being placed. I guess all the folks who were there in support of the magazine being placed were first timers.

One of the committee members said that until this night, he had no documents that would allow him to make an informed decision. I hope the articles published by the Asheville Tribune Newspaper on : The Morrill Act, the Christian Cross Of St.Andrew, the Original 13th Amendment, the sordid 14th Amendment, Why the Cherokee Nation Joined The Southern Confederacy, Reconstruction, along with the authors Alexia Jones Hesley published book on South Carolina’s African American Confederate Pensioners 1923 – 1925, author Kelly Barrow’s Black Southerners In Confederate Armies, author Minor Ferris Buchanan’s Holt Collier, will provide them with some insight on truth.

I would again issue a plea to our charitable public to help us with their donations so that we adequately enter all the arenas of battle, whether it be in the courts, board rooms, or streets. I would be remiss in my duties if I did not thank Dixie OutFitter and it’s CEO Dewey Barber, the SCV of Tennessee far the unprecedented aid it has provided for me to personally be able to move about in the battle for Southern Heritage. May God bless you all.