Sons of Confederate Veterans
Heritage Operations Committee
Originally Published: October 31, 2014
Dear Compatriots,

We of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the direct descendants of the most courageous and steadfast Army ever to take to battle, now face one of our greatest challenges ever as an organization. It is not an overstatement to say that the forces who wish to destroy our heritage and our culture are now in command of the political battlefield. Never before has the positive memory of our ancestors been under more of an orchestrated and well-financed attack. On every front, all across America, the purveyors of an agenda-driven history are in collusion with South-bashing demagogues of every stripe. This "politically correct" cabal has gone after our museums, our schools, our cemeteries, our monuments, and all of the beloved symbols of the Confederate cause. They are on what they believe is a righteous mission to rewrite history and to destroy every vestige of our honor and pride. And they are having success at the level of academia, the media, the press, at the corporate level, and worse, in our court system.
Recent events in Memphis, in California, in Richmond, at Washington and Lee University, at Ole Miss in Oxford, and indeed throughout the United States have shown us the strength of those who would now revise and rewrite history in order to demonize our "ancient dead".
The Sons of Confederate Veterans are the last and strongest line of defense against this onslaught of venom and bigotry. There is much that we can do on a daily basis to counteract the misinformation, the myths, and the outright falsehoods of these charlatans. Carrying our positive message of pride in our heritage and love for our family history is a big part of it.
But perhaps the most important action we can take is to courageously stand against the insults and almost daily attacks upon our ancestors, their symbols, and their heroic legacy.
We are in a crisis! The "South bashers" and the "Confederacy haters" have chosen the Sesquicentennial as the time to open old wounds that had taken generations to heal.
They have aggressively taken many intentionally divisive actions. Several of these have required court actions, and we need to immediately replenish our funds for Heritage Defense, as much as possible as soon as possible.
Many times our ancestors, outnumbered by overwhelming odds, stood their ground when the battle seemed hopeless. The best way that we can honor their courage and sacrifice is to stand our ground now and re-double our efforts for Heritage Defense.
Compatriots, they call to us from afar to "stand like a stone wall." We must act. "If not us, who? If not now, when?"
Ben L. Jones
Chief of Heritage Operations
Please Note: There has been confusion among some SCV members about this fund raising effort due to printing company mistakenly placing the SCV’s address on the return address portion of the envelope provided in the magazine. Any donations should be made payable to the SCV and sent directly back to General Headquarters at:
P O Box 59
Columbia TN 38402-0059
Commander in Chief Charles Kelly Barrow and Chief of Heritage Operations Ben L. Jones wish to thank the membership for the terrific support already received to help make this effort successful. The first week of the campaign concluded on November 15, 2014 and 55 members have responded with more than $4100 in needed donations. The SCV is very appreciative of your continuing membership and strong support of Heritage Operations.