Fellow Confederate,
I hope to see you at the upcoming Sons of Confederate Veterans National Reunion during July 18—20 in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Although I am a life member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, I will not be attending as a delegate but as a vendor signing my book, The Gray and the Blue. I invite you to come by my table and take a look at this book. It represents my effort to fulfill the SCV Charge to teach the truth about the War for Southern Independence to the next generation. By the next generation I mean our children and grandchildren, who are presently being indoctrinated to believe the Northern interpretation of the war, including its causes and effects.
As a professional cartoonist, I undertook to produce a children’s history in comic strip form of our ancestors’ valiant effort to protect their freedom and culture from Northern aggression. I take pride in believing that I have successfully written and drawn a work that combines humor and realism in a way that will leave the reader, whether adult or child, with vivid impressions of important historical events and an accurate overall view of America’s defining war. It is published by Pelican Publishing Company, the nation’s top producer of books about the South. Tom McKenney, author of the Confederate classic, Jack Hinson’s One-Man War, says that in spite of its cartoon format The Gray and the Blue is "One of the best-researched books on this war that I have ever read; it is an important source for my next Pelican book."
If you are not going to be at the National Reunion but would like to buy one of my books, you can order it from any book store. The publisher’s listed price is $15.95. If you would like one signed by me, mail your check for $19.00 to the address below and I will send you a postage-paid autographed copy. (Three dollars is for shipping and the nickel is for my signature.)
Long live the South!
Charles H. Hayes
5722 Gloucester Drive
Tyler, TX 75707