Sons of Confederate Veterans group is chartered

by James Howell
Staff Writer

The Ashe County chapter of “Sons of Confederate Veterans” received its charter in late November.

Dan Bolick, the Lt. Commander of the N.C. Division, presented the group with its official charter.

“You’ve all done well,” said Bolick. “I’ve never seen a charter with this many new members.”

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is an organization that was formed to preserve the “history and legacy of these heroes so that future generations can understand the motives that animated the Southern Cause,” according to the SCV’s website.

Membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans is open to all male descendants of any veteran who served honorably in the Confederate armed forces.

The SCV is the direct heir of the United Confederate Veterans, and the oldest hereditary organization for male descendants of Confederate soldiers. Organized at Richmond, Virginia in 1896, the SCV continues to serve as a historical, patriotic, and non-political organization dedicated to ensuring that a true history of the 1861-1865 period is preserved.

“The citizen-soldiers who fought for the Confederacy personified the best qualities of America. The preservation of liberty and freedom was the motivating factor in the South’s decision to fight the Second American Revolution. The tenacity with which Confederate soldiers fought underscored their belief in the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. These attributes are the underpinning of our democratic society and represent the foundation on which this nation was built,” said the SCV website.

Ashe County group members can now get involved in Civil War reenactments, cleaning graveyards containing the remains of Confederate soldiers, or celebrating Confederate Veterans Day.

However, being a member means more than having the opportunity to participate in SCV events. According to Bolick, membership offers a person the opportunity to spread the pride of his southern heritage.

After being involved in the group, “people around you realize it’s okay to celebrate your Confederate heritage,” said Bolick.

Jerry Brown, the acting president of the Ashe County SCV, was graciously accepted the charter from Bolick, and thanked everyone for their participation.

“This is a good group of guys and we’re looking to grow the organization,” said Brown.

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