The greatest disappointments of the SCV…
It had been one of the great places in my life until;
a. It became apparent that as a member of the SCV you must surrender the rights your ancestors fought for; Freedom of Speech, Due process, the right to know your accuser, the right to a trial by a jury of your peers, the right to counsel, separation of judge from accuser, and the placement of a light which illuminates the votes of the people’s representatives, the DEC.  When joining the SCV you forfeit all those rights.  You are to sit silent, do nothing, and accept "can’t" as the modus operandi of the organization.  While the word vindicate is mentioned at every meeting, the word is not understood as defined in Webster’s.
b. That many members within the SCV believe slavery is not a sin.  The men who believe slavery is NOT a sin will not admit that the political liberty we enjoy today is a gift from God.  If they did, they would have to admit that to have slavery means you take away a gift a God from a man.  Is that not a sin?  Repeatedly men who believe slavery is not a sin will ask where it is condemned in the Bible.  When you respond that Christ himself commanded "love thy neighbor as you love thyself" they answer a masters can love slaves.  My response is would you condemn yourself to slavery?  Would you condemn your children to slavery?  Did not God free his chosen people from slavery in Egypt?  Do you not love possessing slaves more, than giving them the freedom God gave them?
If the SCV cannot condemn slavery, than it should not grow.  Either we learn from history or we don’t.  Either we accept that God provides history for us to learn, or we see history merely as some record of man’s activity with no lessons to be learned, with no Teacher working to improve our understanding.
The South and the heritage of the Confederacy, and its soldiers has much to honor, and much to bring to the modern world.  America could be a much better, much strong nation if it were to adopt much of the Confederate Constitution, from the Preamble on.  But if those in the SCV cannot embrace the Bill of Rights within its own organization.  And if we cannot admit sin and error in the C.S.A., then we are no better than Yankees in our own resistance to improve, to learn, to live the values we preach.
I accept my dismissal from the Texas Division, and will not renew my membership within the SCV because of the issues above.  And I will continue to write about the greatness of the South and the smallness of the SCV.  America is in decline, and it is decline for the same reasons the SCV never grew to large proportions, because both have lowered their standards across the board.  We, America, are not the shining City on the Hill any more.  We do not set standards based on our Christianity, or based on the values of the Founders.  Both the SCV and America are living to the lowest common denominators.  
Mark Vogl, the Black Sheep